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PPB Magazine recently announced the 14 Best Bosses of 2017. DistributorCentral’s own president and supervisor Jason Nokes is included on the list.

Gardner, KS – At DistributorCentral, Jason Nokes takes his role as president and supervisor very seriously. He uses this platform—and his impressive strategic foresight—to shape a new generation of technical, support, and sales leaders. Everyone who has worked with Jason has many good things to say about his worth ethic and his management skills, but his charisma and personality as well.

“Jason has always fully understood where the organization has come from and where it’s going. His excitement of his vision for its future is infectious. Jason actively embraces education and out-of-the-box thinking. Everyone in the company feels that they could walk into his office to talk about an idea or a problem because Jason always actively encourages people to pitch ideas, test new features, and give input at any stage of a project.” –Angela Taylor, Marketing Director

Jason is always looking to the future with a positive attitude. He uses delegation to promote efficiency and focus, and so that everyone has a role that they are suited to. Jason’s mentality is that if a project succeeds, then everyone wins. However, if the project does not succeed, he identifies the mistakes within the failure and uses these mistakes to come out the other side as an overall better team and company.

Jason’s employees also say that he actively promotes both industry education and non-promotional product conferences. This varied approach gives DistributorCentral employees a better understanding of their customers’ problems while seeing technology solutions from other industries. He is a strong believer in giving back to the community and supporting volunteerism—as he volunteers weekly himself.


About DistributorCentral
DistributorCentral is an award-winning technology company for the promotional products industry, offering a range of cost-effective online resources, including: the industry’s first intelligent product search engine, ecommerce websites, order management, email blasts, and artwork services. DistributorCentral offers the only free-to-use product database for distributors and suppliers in the industry.