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There is an exciting new face-lift to the DistributorCentral dashboard that will be launching January of 2018.

“We are excited to move the DistributorCentral dashboard to the next stage in modernization…”, says DistributorCentral’s User Experience Designer, Rachel Dykes.

What’s New?

We have replaced the horizontal navigation menu, at the top, with a modern side-menu that is now located down the left of the page. Other changes you will see include updated fonts, colors, and increased readability

Activating the new dashboard

In 2 simple steps you can using our new dashboard:

  1. In the very top right of your dashboard, click the “Preview” link
  2. Your page will then load the new dashboard

What do you think?

With the new update, there is now an easy way to submit your feedback directly to our team.

  1. Just click on the smiley face in the top right of the dashboard
  2. Type in your feedback
  3. Let us know if it is a “happy” comment or an “unhappy” comment by selecting either a smiley face, or frown face.
  4. Then Submit your feedback

We are dedicated to building an environment that is comprehensive but easy-to-use. Your feedback is vital in us reaching this goal, so please let us know how you like the new dashboard, or other updates that we release in the future.