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Gardner, Kansas— DistributorCentral has released an upgrade to the industry’s first intelligent search engine, announcing ProductCentral, an idea generator for promotional product distributors to help them discover products faster.  Distributors can see what’s trending with recommendations made specifically based on their recent searches and easily find deals and discounts from suppliers.

Other search enhancements released with ProductCentral include: Instant Search, a redesigned Quick View, bullet points and search attributes for product data, and a 3-step tool for distributors to convert a list of products to a website catalog.

The new Instant Search sees what the user is typing and displays the first three products of the search results in real time, giving the user incredibly fast access to products. From there, the user can click through to the product detail page of any of the displayed products or continue to see the full set of search results.

Suppliers can now add up to 5 descriptive bullet points on each of their products. This move towards a short description and bullet points aligns DistributorCentral’s product data to ecommerce best practices and gives users the information on the product they are wanting in an easy-to-read, digestible format.  Along with the addition of keywords and other attributes, suppliers can make sure their products are ranking for their top searches while helping users filter and find the products they are looking for.

In the redesigned Quick View, users can immediately see production time, minimum quantities, pricing, and the main bullet points on the product without having to leave the search results page. Additionally, from the new Quick View, the user can request more information, save the product to a list, email the product, or begin a purchase order for that product.

After finding the perfect products for their customers, distributors can now create website catalogs in less than a minute. It’s a quick 3-step process of: searching for products, adding them to a list, and converting the list to a catalog which adds it to their DistributorCentral website, company store, or microsite.

Our newest set of features continue to build on our fast, intelligent search system. We are very excited to give distributors better tools to help them grow their businesses.
Jason Nokes, President of DistributorCentral

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