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DistributorCentral has launched the Promotional Products Industry’s first ever intelligent search engine and the fastest product search platform in the industry.

Gardner, KS – DistributorCentral has launched the Promotional Product Industry’s first intelligent search engine. The system learns with each product search to provide faster, more relevant results and includes easy-to-use guided navigation and faceted filtering, integrated ecommerce functionality and user-friendly detail pages, and a quick email function to send product ideas to customers and coworkers.

The release, codenamed “Prophet”, is a significant milestone as part of a long-term plan to modernize the Promotional Product Industry and culminates years of focused development. In early 2015, DistributorCentral transitioned from a co-located server system to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leverages their serverless architecture. This step removed constraints like bandwidth and server maintenance. AWS automatically spins up more computing power based on demand, allowing DistributorCentral’s new search to be infinitely scalable. DistributorCentral moved from a server-based system of hundreds of queries down to one API call, creating the fastest product search in the industry.

Customers are taking notice of the new search engine. “I really love the speed and how easy it is to find anything my customers are looking for.” says Amy Cox from Promo Sherpas. Jami Daugherty from Huskador Print says, “I like it so far. I really appreciate all the search defining options being in that left side panel in plain sight.”

“We are seeing incredible results. Our system has peaked at 16,000 requests per second and we are on pace to handle over 1 billion promotional product searches this year from customers and search engine indexing. And, since we are running entirely on the AWS platform, it has enabled us to leverage the entire suite of AWS products including Alexa and machine learning tools. Our search can be accessed from web, mobile, voice (Alexa), and chat (Facebook Messenger). Distributors will no longer be chained to their desks when searching for products.” –Jason Nokes, President

The new product search has been launched within the DistributorCentral dashboard and is accessible by their 10,000 distributor users and across the thousands of websites built on DistributorCentral’s award-winning, mobile-responsive platform.


About DistributorCentral
DistributorCentral is an award winning technology service provider for the Promotional Products Industry, offering a range of cost-effective online resources, including: the industry’s fastest product search, ecommerce websites, order management, email blasts, and artwork services. DistributorCentral offers the only free-to-use product database for distributors and suppliers in the industry.