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DistributorCentral has launched a new version of our corporate website on a brand new, fully-responsive website platform built internally from the ground-up. As the number of users visiting DistributorCentral on mobile devices continues to grow it was important to us to provide a pleasant and useful browsing experience for all users across desktop, tablet and phone.
Even more important was to build our new website on the very same responsive platform that we will soon roll out for all of our distributor and supplier users! That’s right, very soon you will have the ability to build your own website on our new platform and provide your customers with the same mobile-friendly browsing experience that we are now providing to you on!
The DistributorCentral website is aimed at both current and prospective distributor and supplier customers of DistributorCentral. Visitors can browse our new site to learn about features, pricing, see current news through social media channels, learn about our staff, find support and contact information, and see real-time listings of upcoming webinars.
Rachel Mundhenke, User Experience Developer  said “I was able to build a brand new website for DistributorCentral in record time using DC’s new web builder. I think the site will be a great showcase for the powerful web editing tool coming to DC users soon. And, being one of the first people to test the new platform, I was able to give helpful feedback to make the editor even better. It was so easy to quickly build mobile responsive pages that I want to use this tool for all of my web projects. This platform is the dream of web developers everywhere.”
Visit on your computer, phone, tablet or all three at