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Gardner, Kansas— DistributorCentral and Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) have partnered to help distributors quickly and easily find products from companies who have QCA certified processes.  DistributorCentral has created a filter that allows distributors to narrow down their search results to only show products from suppliers with QCA accreditation with just one click.
 “We are excited to partner with DistributorCentral to further our mission of brand safety through responsible sourcing in the promotional products industry. DistributorCentral is giving free tools to distributors to make educated decisions about the products they are purchasing for their clients.” –Tim Brown, Executive Director of Operations at QCA
The new QCA certified filter is now available to all distributors through DistributorCentral’s free product search.  Coming soon in 2018, DistributorCentral will be releasing to all distributors the ability to create custom catalogs on their website featuring QCA certified suppliers.
“Product safety is one of the big threats to our industry.  By partnering with QCA to give distributors the tools to find products from suppliers whose processes have been certified by QCA, we show that we are committed to helping our customers combat those threats.” –Jason Nokes, President of DistributorCentral
About DistributorCentral
DistributorCentral is an award-winning technology service provider for the promotional products industry, offering a range of cost-effective online resources, including: the industry’s fastest product search, eCommerce websites, order management, email blasts, and artwork services.  DistributorCentral offers a free-to-use product database for distributors.  Learn more about DistributorCentral at:
About Quality Certification Alliance
Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) is the promotional product industry’s only independent, non-profit organization dedicated to helping suppliers provide safe and compliant products. QCA’s sole purpose is to go above and beyond to certify the supplier processes involved in product quality, product safety, supply chain security, social accountability, and environmental stewardship.  Companies interested in learning more about the Quality Certification Alliance accreditation are encouraged to contact Tim Brown, MAS – executive director, operations at QCA