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GARDNER, Kansas (January 30, 2015) –DistributorCentral (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) the promotional product industry’s premier eCommerce sales engine, has introduced an email marketing service. DistributorCentral is now offering Supplier email campaigns that reach over 35,000 industry distributors to help promote everything from Press Releases to Specials to New Product Releases.
DistributorCentral’s email marketing service is its own custom in-house solution. This means they have complete control over their lists and all traffic because emails go out on their own dedicated server.  All measures have been put into place to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance so that emails are validated and delivered from a reputable sender.
“Our list consists of active DistributorCentral users that perform three million product searches per month within the DC platform,” says President Jason Nokes. “For Suppliers, our Email Blast Service is like shooting a bull’s-eye right into the DC Distributors network.  Email marketing is not just a great way to reach your clients, but it can be particularly effective when used in conjunction with social media marketing.” says Nokes. “Each email includes social sharing and the ability to forward to end users.”
“We worked hard to make our email marketing service affordable and easy. All you have to do is provide us with your HTML email or image, and our email marketing specialists will manage your campaign from start to finish. You just sit back, relax and view the campaign reports after the blast is completed”, said Dave Shultz, Vice President of Operations. “We are confident that our new email marketing solutions will help Supplier companies connect with existing and new customers to build successful, lasting relationships.”
“Suppliers who have already sent campaigns out in the month of January experienced great response,” says Tiffany Tarr, Vice President of Sales. “One Supplier noted that their incoming calls and website traffic were remarkably higher as a direct result from blasting with DistributorCentral.”
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