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GARDNER, Kan. (April 1) – It didn’t take DistributorCentral long to hit the century mark in 2013. The promotional product industry’s full-feature centralized database added 100 new suppliers to its member base in the year’s first quarter.
“DistributorCentral has always enjoyed steady growth, but adding so many suppliers since the first of the year is truly gratifying,” said Jason Nokes, President. “We’re pleased to increase the number of DistributorCentral suppliers and know distributors appreciate having an expanded product selection.”
Nokes attributed the influx of suppliers to DistributorCentral introducing the industry’s first open centralized product database. While featuring a tiered supplier membership structure, DistributorCentral now provides production information in one place and at no charge to distributors, suppliers and service providers.
Suppliers to join DistributorCentral so far in 2013 include Ash City, Gemini, Hospitality Mints, Prime Resources, Zorrell, Astor Chocolate and Drummond Printing.
“DistributorCentral continues to attract suppliers who appreciate being linked to a database that allows distributors to more easily locate, order and deliver quality products,” said Nokes. “We expect rising supplier involvement with DC to continue as our full range of online tools becomes more evident throughout the industry.”
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