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Distributors Helping Distributors (vol 41) – Need More Leads

Previously on DHD we hosted distributors Leanne MacDonald and Mark Holm, each of whom have developed LEAD GENERATING SYSTEMS for their businesses. How? By setting up, and automating processes that are resulting in dozens of new leads a week. When polled, 80% of our DHD audience was generating less than 2 leads per week. Mark and Leanne … 10+ per week! Generating over $100K of new business each year!

Below are a few key takeaways from our discussion with Leanne and Mark:

  1. SET ASIDE TIME to proactively generate leads. It doesn’t happen unless you get intentional about it! (Leanne carves out 1 hr/week – same day/time each week)
  2. ESTABLISH A SYSTEM, be it online or offline, set up a systematic approach to asking for referrals, appointments and opportunities. (Mark uses a CRM system to help him automate emails)
  3. KNOW YOUR ANGLE when it comes to asking for a referral/lead. How you position your “ask” is THE KEY to getting referrals, introductions, appointments and sales opportunities.

Listen to our entire interview below and good luck CRUSHING your swag sales in Q4.




Josh Frey
The Swag Coach Program

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