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To our valued Customers,
Upon first hearing of the Covid-19 outbreaks in Asia late last year, the HPG Team’s thoughts immediately turned to the lives that were lost, and impacted, by the virus. Now that COVID-19 is hitting closer to home, our first thoughts remain on the impact that it is having on countless families, and what we at HPG can do to be part of the solution, during these unprecedented times.

With this in mind, HPG has taken proactive measures to protect the health and well-being of our employees, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. Below is an overview of our commitment, in action, along with the additional steps HPG has taken to ensure we can continue to receive, process and ship orders across our nine North American locations.


  • As of today, there are no reported Covid-19 cases among HPG employees or family members.
  • High-risk employees, including those with heart, respiratory, diabetic and other pre-existing
    conditions have been immediately excused from the workplace.
  • A work-from-home program has been implemented across HPG for all practicable positions.
  • For those positions where work from home is not feasible, we have proactively instituted strict
    measures to protect the ongoing health and safety of our team (including a zero-tolerance
    policy for onsite illness, the adoption of CDC facility best practices -including frequent
    sanitizing of workstations and common areas- and daily supervisor health checks to ensure
    our facilities remain uncontaminated).
  • All non-essential HPG travel has been banned, including site-to-site visits within HPG.


  • HPG continues to decorate and fulfill orders across all North American locations and functions.
  • Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, HPG increased its North American inventory levels. And,
    although the impacts of the virus were felt in Asia months ago, this preemptive action has
    meant no disruption to HPG stock availability has been caused by Covid-19.
  • The positive recent news that our Asian factories are returning to full operation makes it likely
    that our current high fill rates will continue to be the norm.
  • No onsite vendor meetings will be conducted at HPG facilities (the only exception will be
    vendor visits for critical equipment repairs; and, in such cases, the zero-tolerance policy for
    onsite illness will apply to the vendor representative).


  • Given HPGs non-essential travel ban, and our ongoing commitment to employee and
    customer health and safety, the HPG Sales Team will not be traveling to customer meetings
    and events until further notice.
  • The HPG Sales and Marketing Teams are equipped with advanced virtual tools to remain
    engaged with our distributor partners, and ensure their needs are met.
  • HPG will also be rolling out its innovative “Tradeshow in a Box” toolkit for our customers –
    more information to come…

Given that many of our team members will be working from home, telephone response times may be longer than normal, and email communication is likely to provide a more rapid response. Nevertheless, we are standing by to serve customers via their most convenient medium (whether it be telephone or email), and we are equipped and ready to provide creative product-based solutions to address your needs during this dynamic time.

We will continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation closely and will provide prompt updates to you, our partners, as circumstances dictate. Until then, you and your loved ones’ well-being remains front-of-mind for all of us at HPG.


Chris Anderson
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