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Vice President of Sales for DistributorCentral, Tiffany Tarr, CAS attended the 2016 PPAI Women’s Leadership Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, this past June. She spent two and a half days of learning and connecting with nearly 160 attendees.
“The 2016 Women’s Leadership was one of the most memorable events I’ve attended in a while.  This event creates a unique environment for women to learn from each other.  I think women have a unique experience. Being a working mom and wife, it’s easy to sometimes feel like you are drowning in a sea of endless deadlines, piles of emails and hours of driving back and forth to sports events.  This event allows us to all learn from each other and create a support system of other strong professional industry women,” said Tarr.
“The 2016 programming provided amazing content.  Each speaker brought real life experience and tools that I’m able to directly apply into my professional and personal life.” She added, “that in addition to creating lasting friendships, is why Women’s Leadership is a must attend conference!”