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Each year, industry professionals travel to Washington D.C. to educate their representatives about the effectiveness of promotional products and the strength of the industry in the United States. Vice President of Sales for DistributorCentral, Tiffany Tarr, CAS participated in her third PPAI Legislative Education and Action Day.
“LEAD is on opportunity for DistributorCentral to invest in our industry’s future. There are so many things happening in our nation’s capital that impact today as well as in the future as new legislative initiatives are passed. I want to make sure the people representing us know and understand our business,” said Tarr.
Along with fellow industry colleagues from Kansas, Tiffany met with Congress members: Kevin Yoder, Tim Huelskamp, Mike Pompeo and Lynn Jenkins. They also met with Kansas Senators Pat Roberts & Jerry Moran.
The issues discussed were:
The Department of Labor Overtime Rule changes
Protecting Independent Contractors by preserving Section 530 & the Safe Harbor Rule of the Revenue Act of 1978
Preserving the Deductibility of Advertising Expenditures
Product Responsibility – Toxic Substances Control Act
“As an industry it’s important that our legislators understand what we do, and why our industry is important. The opportunity to discuss this with them one-on-one allows our lawmakers to be better prepared to understand the impact on our industry as new legislative initiatives hit their desk. and they are able to see why we feel so strongly about lobbying on behalf of our industry and ensuring its protection in the future,” said Tarr.
PPAI has provided a full legislative positions summary that can be viewed here:
PPAI Legislative Agenda