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Cutter & Buck Friends;

As every morning is a new beginning, let’s seize the opportunity to transform the doldrums of WFH into an all-day, all-the-time quest to Work For Harmony.

At Cutter & Buck we’re for the ones who, wherever they may live and work, share the pioneering spirit of Seattle. And now, more than ever, we must empower each other to live life to the fullest. Whether working at the dining room table or embracing an outdoor escape, we must Work For Harmony and grasp the simple pleasures found in every day because we believe in a healthier balance in life and the drive to push beyond what it is to what could be in the work we do and the life we choose.

Whatever your need, a “dress-shirt-on-top” for a video call, a cozy fleece for comfort or lightweight pull-over for a sanity walk, please be assured that we are always open and ready to serve you at

There is epic in the everyday for those who seek it and earn it. Get out there. Find new ways forward.

Go Boldly and Safely,


Joel Freet,

CEO, Cutter & Buck