Measuring Email Effectiveness

B2B email marketing continues to be the most popular and quickest return on your investment.  Not only is it one of the least expensive advertising channels, but it also gives you enough space to start a compelling message to your potential customers.  Email marketing is one of the easiest avenues to personalize and tailor to where your leads are in their buying journey. “Email is still the

The MRS of Content Marketing

Since the invention of marketing, there have always been buzzwords that generally elicit groans shortly after they are introduced. In 2016, ones that come to mind are storytelling, disruptor, pain points, transparency, and thought leader. Perhaps that one that trumps them all is “content is king.” In today’s give first economy, people are craving content gives them insight to their specific business challenges. Take this publication for

Increasing Sales in a Post-Election World

Soon it will all be over: the accusations, the half-truths, the unclear motives, and the overall insincerity. No, I’m not writing about the most recent season of the Bachelorette; I’m referencing the fact that when this presidential election finally concludes, Americans must find a way to move the economy forward regardless of the eventual winner. One thing that businesses – and Americans – don’t like is uncertainty

Using Google Analytics to Improve Your DC Website

Google Analytics provides you with great information to help you improve your website with regards to the traffic and how effective a job of marketing your site you’re doing. Google Analytics also helps you pay for the right keywords, target your best markets and engage and convert more customers…Best of all, it’s a free service. The most common use is probably checking on how much traffic a website receives,

All Signs Indicate the Extinction of the Printed Catalog

The physical catalog appears to be doomed, and the reasons are pretty simple... • Suppliers cutting back on expenses • The rise of high-speed internet mobile devices • The bulkiness, clutter and waste • The need for Suppliers to update products and add new products throughout the year As a Distributor, if you rely on printed catalogs, the solution is simple…Tablets. The iPad may have started the revolution,