DistributorCentral President, Jason Nokes, Named One of Industry’s Best Bosses

PPB Magazine recently announced the 14 Best Bosses of 2017. DistributorCentral’s own president and supervisor Jason Nokes is included on the list. Gardner, KS – At DistributorCentral, Jason Nokes takes his role as president and supervisor very seriously. He uses this platform—and his impressive strategic foresight—to shape a new generation of technical, support, and sales leaders. Everyone who has worked with Jason has many good things to

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DistributorCentral Hires New Software Engineer, Adam Mertz

DistributorCentral has recently added Adam Mertz to its technology team. Gardner, KS – Adam Mertz, an accomplished and experienced software engineer, is the newest member of the DistributorCentral team. Adam has an assortment of skills including creating internal dashboards, analysis of big data, QA development, and web application development, that make him a perfect fit for the position of software engineer. Adam has a diverse background of

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DistributorCentral Announces New Search Engine

DistributorCentral has launched the Promotional Products Industry’s first ever intelligent search engine and the fastest product search platform in the industry. Gardner, KS – DistributorCentral has launched the Promotional Product Industry’s first intelligent search engine. The system learns with each product search to provide faster, more relevant results and includes easy-to-use guided navigation and faceted filtering, integrated ecommerce functionality and user-friendly detail pages, and a quick email

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DistributorCentral Hires New Software Support Specialist, Natalie Clark

DistributorCentral has recently added Natalie Clark to its Product Support Department. Gardner, KS – Natalie Clark, an experienced and accomplished software support specialist, is the newest member of the DistributorCentral Product Support Department. She has recently taken on the role of Software Support Specialist. Natalie has a variety of relevant skills. She has gained extensive experience in a number of different jobs, helping her to become an

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DistributorCentral Hires Experienced Web Application Developer, David Ames

The recent hiring of David Ames to DistributorCentral shows sustained growth in the company. Gardner, KS – David Ames an accomplished web developer, is the latest to join the DistributorCentral team. Ames has formerly worked on projects with companies such as Bridgestone Tires, J.G. Wentworth, and Sprint. He has an assortment of different skills and experience that he has gained through work as a web developer with

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