Maintaining Supplier Relationships After a Merger

It seems that supplier consolidation is a daily occurrence in the promotional products industry. In January 2017 alone, J. America Wholesale merged with Top of the World, FEY Promotional Products acquired Magna-Tel, Ball Pro acquired Diversified-Adtee, and Ennis acquired Independent Printing Company. With that kind of activity in the first month of the year, 2017 will likely be a record one for supplier consolidation. While these mergers

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Three Ways to Maximize Your Trade Show Experience

It’s the first week of the new year, which in the world of promotional products means one thing: trade show season. Over the course of the next two months there will be the biggest international trade show (PPAI Expo), two very large regional tradeshows (ASI Orlando and ASI Dallas), and countless trade shows held by regional associations (The TOM Shows, PPAMS, etc.). Each of these events provide

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Resolutions for 2017

This is the time of year that we all reflect on this past year and start planning for the upcoming year.  We weight what worked well in our personal and professional lives and make resolutions on where we can make improvements.  This year, instead of committing to going to the gym, starting a new diet, or sticking to your budget, let’s focus on a few resolutions to

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Presentation Problems

Over the past six months, you’ve worked to get in front of a new prospect. Six months of measured effort, follow up activity, and countless phone calls have finally paid off. Now, walking out of the presentation you worked so hard to land, you know in your little sales heart that you failed and all the hard work was for nothing. Your bad presentation killed any potential

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Increasing Sales in a Post-Election World

Soon it will all be over: the accusations, the half-truths, the unclear motives, and the overall insincerity. No, I’m not writing about the most recent season of the Bachelorette; I’m referencing the fact that when this presidential election finally concludes, Americans must find a way to move the economy forward regardless of the eventual winner. One thing that businesses – and Americans – don’t like is uncertainty