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Branding with Logos and Slogans are vital to many businesses, if not all.  As promotional products distributors you deal with brands or even help some customers come up with brands.  What makes a good brand?  Here are some tips on good branding.

  1. Relevance.  If a brand isn’t displaying some aspect of the business, it’s difficult for people to associate it to what you do.
  2. Versatile.  The logo needs to be able to be printed on products to display the company to potential customers.  Here it’s also worth a mention that simple logos will make printing products much easier and cost effective.  Think simple.
  3. Iconic.  The idea that a logo can be powerful and simple at the same time.  Some examples of those would be: Windows, Apple, Nike, etc.  The logos will be around for a very long time and are quite simple.

You can learn more and view a diagram Here.  Want to know some secrets to successful branding?  Check this out!
What brands/logos do you like and what makes them good?