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Katrina Marshall continues legacy of success

ALLENTOWN, PA, January 5, 2018 – Artistic Toy Manufacturing, Inc. was purchased on Friday, December 29, 2017.   Katrina Marshall, former Sales Manager for the previous 11 years, acquired the assets and formed a new company under the name “Artistic Toys & Promotions LLC”.
During her time at Artistic Toy, Katrina has handled multiple aspects of the day-to-day operations of the company; having done everything from dress teddy bears to negotiate key contracts. Her vast knowledge of the company and industry has made this an easy decision for Katrina.  “I am confident in the future success of the company and will continue to focus on quality products and superior customer service”.
“I am humbled and honored to see Katrina take Artistic Toy into the future.  She has a talented team behind her and a client base that loves her and our products,” said Jim Socci, CAS, President of Artistic Toy Manufacturing, Inc.

Artistic Toys & Promotions logo
 Artistic Toys & Promotions, LLC

Artistic Toys designs, decorates, and manufacturers stuffed toys used for corporate advertising.  Unlike other toy companies, they only sell through a network of independent distributors and promotional consultants. They sew and stitch stuffed toy prototypes in the U.S. that go on to be mass produced in overseas factories.  They also warehouse and decorate thousands of different styles of stuffed animals that are delivered in a matter of days. For more information visit and find them on Twitter @artistictoy,FacebookYouTube and Instagram.