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The physical catalog appears to be doomed, and the reasons are pretty simple…
• Suppliers cutting back on expenses
• The rise of high-speed internet mobile devices
• The bulkiness, clutter and waste
• The need for Suppliers to update products and add new products throughout the year
As a Distributor, if you rely on printed catalogs, the solution is simple…Tablets. The iPad may have started the revolution, but now there are dozens you can choose from and prices that can really fit most budgets. With the combination of your DC website catalog, tablets not only give you the power to carry around the equivalent of 100’s of product catalogs to show your customers 1000’s product ideas, but also allows you to take actual orders online through your DC website catalog (click here for more website info).
NOTE TO SUPPLIERS: Virtual Catalogs and Downloadable PDF catalogs are great, which you can easily upload into your DC account to make readily searchable and available to all Distributors (click here for instructions), but the true power is making your products e-commerce capable. DC gives you the ability to easily have your products ordered online by Distributors and End Customers through a real e-commerce shopping cart. Other service providers are “trying” to play catch-up to this concept, but we’ve been at it for over 12 years! The big difference between DC and the other service providers is that they re-sell and charge your customers for your product data. DC gives all Distributors in the industry FREE tools to not only find and research your products, but to also market and sell them online…This is why your product data will always be more valuable on DC than with any other service provider. Click here to learn more about our Supplier services, and the DC difference.