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Alisha Kallappa & Heather Windler – DC Support Specialists

Today is the last day for Alisha Kallappa at DistributorCentral as a Support Specialist. For those of you that have called in to our support line, she is one of the friendly voices that answered your calls and questions. 

Alisha, 24, has taken a position as a Programs Coordinator for the Cape Flattery School District. She will be assisting the Superintendent in the writing and management of grants that support the school district programs. 
We sat down with Alisha to ask her a few questions about her time with DistributorCentral.
Q: What did you learn working at DC that would help you with your new job?
A: “A huge thing I’ve learned here at DC that will help at my new job, is an increase of my people skills and quick problem solving or deciphering what the issue is and how to fix it. Working in support, you have conversations with many people, and every person has a different personality and different ways of understanding. I have learned how to adjust to each person and find the best way to explain or assist that person with their problem.”
Q: What did you like the best about working at DC?
A: “What I liked best, was receiving all the DC gear and products! (I’m joking, but that was an awesome perk.) I really liked the way that DC runs and the work environment. It’s a great company to work and I’m glad I had this experience.”
Q: What will you miss the most?
A: “I will miss the people the most! Like I said, it’s a great place to work for, and big part of that is because of the employers and employees. When I first started, I was really nervous, coming in and not knowing anybody. But everyone is very friendly and open, and I quickly became part of the team. I will miss just being here in general.”
Alisha added, “Working at DC has been a great opportunity, and I have looooved my time here at DC!” We will certainly miss Alisha on our team and wish her the best of luck.