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Fulfill All Your Company’s Needs In One Central Place!

DistributorCentral offers Distributors in the Promotional Product Industry a complete set of free solutions for your businesses. Whether you use DistributorCentral for product research, building your own company website or both, we know you’ll find at least one of our features that will change the way you do business.
This service is paid for by the DistributorCentral Supplier Alliance, so it’s free for every Distributor in this industry.

Features Are

Online Product Catalog
The DistributorCentral product search engine is like no other online catalog you’ve used, because we give Suppliers control of their products.

  • Complete product information with accurate pricing. Our Suppliers are also expected to honor their displayed product pricing and information.
  • A Powerful search tool allows you to find products based on keywords, categories, Supplier name, prices, quantities, country of manufacture, etc.
  • Search Supplier Virtual Catalogs and Websites, Email Blasts, and the DistributorCentral database all in one search engine.
  • Product Presentation and Research tools that allow you to accumulate products as collections, and easily market them to your customers via emails and formal quotes.
  • Free Websites
    With the DistributorCentral online web creation software, there’s no excuse not to have a website for your promotional product business.

  • A website design tool that you can utilize whether you’re a novice or an experienced web designer. 
  • No limit to how many pages can be added or what can be put on a site, even create as many websites as you like.
  • Online video tutorials, guides, and templates make it easy for you to create your own website.
  • Free domain name and email hosting.
  • End-user friendly shopping cart can be utilized on our hosted websites or linked to a website hosted elsewhere.
  • You maintain complete control of your customer’s orders from your website, and can send it to the Supplier at your convenience.
  • Create company store websites and customized catalogs.
  • Order Management
    Keep all your orders in one place! You can access your DistributorCentral account anywhere you have access to the internet. This means that you can manage your orders virtually anywhere.

  • Complete order information in one screen. Includes Customer information, Supplier information, order totals in net and retail pricing, correspondence, invoices, payments, etc. 
  • Receive online payments both during the shopping cart process and by sending an emailed invoice to a customer. Record payments against an order, both between Distributor and the customer and between the Distributor and the Supplier. 
  • Create custom orders for products or services not available in the database. Even create custom vendors to send orders. 
  • Record correspondences to keep track of your customers. 
  • Export Invoices and Purchase Orders from your DistributorCentral account to Quickbooks.
  • View our Distributor demo video by clicking here.
    Sign up for your free DistributorCentral account today. Visit our website, and apply for your PromoPass username and password. If you already have an account, we encourage you to watch the recorded online tutorials to learn how to use your DistributorCentral account to its fullest. Just log in and go to the Education menu to get started.