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The growth that Diamondback Branding has experienced in the last few years is truly astonishing. I am grateful for our loyal customers and hard working staff.

We started Diamondback out of our garage in 2012, and are now one of the top 10 tumbler suppliers in the promotional product industry. Nearly 8 years later, we are wrapping up the plans for our new 27,000 sq ft custom built office, where we will move into mid-summer of this year, in order to ensure the long term prosperity of our core growth market and better serve our customer base.

What Are We Changing?

Effective March 1, 2020, Diamondback Branding will become a promotional product supplier, exclusively.

What Does That Mean?

We will no longer be selling any products to end users or end businesses.
You’ll notice that our website has begun this transition. We will have protected pricing and be “client friendly.”

Why Are We Doing This?

We believe that our future growth and success lies in helping promotional product distributors/re-sellers prosper. Our pricing model will change, as part of this. We will no longer have end user and wholesale pricing, rather we will only be selling wholesale to verified re-sellers, and therefore, will have BLANK and BRANDED pricing.

In line with most suppliers in the industry, we will begin selling blank product at a much more competitive price. Laser engraving and UV printing will then be available as an option, but not required for purchase.
The blank + decoration cost will be very close in line with our current wholesale pricing, and in some cases be less expensive.

We will still have no setup fees, as long as you reach the minimum for our products (Minimum qty. 1 for coolers/ qty.12 for Drinkware). We will also begin providing client friendly media, such as sales flyers and catalogs to help support distributor sales. Additionally, we plan to attend more industry shows, including end buyer shows with some of our larger distributor partners.

New pricing will be rolled out this weekend, just prior to March 1st on ESP, SAGE, and Distributor Central, as well as our main website, with a protected login. We will also have new price sheets available to send out next Monday.

Like all changes, we want this to be as quick and smooth as possible, therefore we will allow for a 2 week rollover of old pricing on anything we have quoted previously.

I want to thank you for your business, if there is anything we can do better, feel free to ask.

With Gratitude,

William Lovelace
Founder & CEO
Diamondback Branding, LLC