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Distributors Helping Distributors (vol 52)-The Global Economic & Financial Landscape Will Continue to Affect Our Promo Industry

Previously on DHD we hosted Chris Ruvo, digital media director and award winning journalist, who shared some pretty significant projections about our industry that will affect all of us as distributors, over the next 5 years.  Our conversation was focused around the 12 trends in this article: Forecasting the Future: Predictions for the Next 5 Years

Below are a few highlights from our chat with Chris:

  1. The Swag Industry is Growing – thanks to influencers, remote working and ecommerce, the usage of promo items continues to expand.  Why does this matter … as the market grows there is a bigger piece of the pie for you, the distributor, to go after!
  2. More Retail Brands are coming into our industry – buyers want the cache of putting their logo next to retail brands that align with their own values and branding.  Suppliers in our industry continue to compete for the exclusive rights to re-sell these retail brands.  Start to think about how YOU can leverage these retail brand products and build stronger, more sticky relationships with your clients.
  3. ESG to here to stay – Environment.  Social.  Governance.  These 3 pillars are becoming a standard for the largest buyers of our products.  What can you do as a distributor to incorporate ESG into your sales pitches and product offerings to better align with your clients ESG plans?  Speaking the language of your buyer will position you as a trusted vendor and partner, and result in more sale opportunities for you.

Just a few more “nuggets” and tools to help you scale your distributor sales and make 2022 your best year ever!


Josh Frey
The Swag Coach Program

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