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Matt Duffey, Senior Account Manager, DistributorCentral
DC: What is the best thing about the promotional product industry you have experienced so far?
MD: The vast networking opportunities for Distributors and Suppliers.
DC: Do you have any Hidden Talents?
MD: I do an excellent karaoke version of “When Doves Cry” by Prince and the Revolution.
I am also an excellent dancer.
DC: Who is your Celebrity Look-a-Like?
MD: Paul Giamatti. (We agree. See side-by-side above.)
DC: You live in Kansas, what’s an interesting fact about Kansas?
MD: Denver, CO was named after the fifth territorial Governor of Kansas, James W. Denver.
DC:  What is the best advice for Suppliers you have to offer so far after being with DC for short time?
MD:  Distributor Central Pro is really the best way to test the effectiveness of DistributorCentral.  Our free version is terrific for research but it is not designed for anything more than product research.  DC Pro is the tool that helps Suppliers and Distributors create more sales.