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Amelia Madl
Amelia Madl, Senior Account Manager

DC: What’s your favorite joke?

AM: Courtesy of my 8 year old, why didn’t the skeleton cross the road…..
he didn’t have the guts!
DC: Do you have any hidden talents?
AM: I’m not too shabby at target shooting with a hand gun.
DC: What’s an interesting fact about living in Kansas? 
AM: I’m not sure if this is interesting or just surprising, but my family and I live on a non-livestock farm. I have two kids, 6 dogs and 9 egg laying chickens. We enjoying fishing, 4-wheeling and swimming on the old farmstead!
DC: What’s your favorite thing about working with Suppliers?
AM: Everyone is so nice and really enjoys learning more about all the great features DC has to offer!
DC: What DC tool do you think most Suppliers under-utilize?
AM: One of our newer tools is “Find A Distributor Near You”. It’s a great tool for the road warrior always looking to find one more appointment.