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Man opening box and releasing ideas

Take advantage of the quick and easy way to organize products for any project by using Product Lists. Whether you’re brainstorming for products for a customer or to add to your website, add any product in the search results to a Product List with just a click of a button! Once saved to a list, there are a bunch of options on what to do next.

Create product grouping ideas on your website:

Whether you’re wanting to add this month’s specials from suppliers or add a new product ribbon on your homepage, creating a catalog for your website is incredibly fast using Product Lists.  Once the products are in the list and converted to a catalog, send the link to your customer or use it to quickly update your website’s navigation.

Do you have a tried and true set of products your customers always love?  Create lists you can easily use over and over saving you loads of time:

Start your project, save some products, and then come back to it later.  Whether you need more time to brainstorm other ideas for products or you only have a few minutes before a conference call.  Product Lists give you the flexibility to work on a project as you have time.

Found a new item your customer needs to see now?  Easily email your ideas instantly:

Send product ideas to your customer incredibly fast! With just a few clicks, you can have brainstorming ideas or product recommendations in your customer’s inbox.

Obviously your customer loves your ideas…How to get them a customized proposal for their specific needs:

If your customer is further along the purchasing process, from your Product List, create a quote.  A quote allows you to show only specific quantity totals to your customer and gives your customer the ability to order the group of products selected.