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Using a Presentation Website instead of PDFs to send your customer product ideas have many advantages. Here are the top four:

Add Products in Real Time

After you have sent your customer the URL, you can continue to add product lists for your customer to see on the website in real time, whenever needed.  Did you forget something?  Or maybe you received some feedback and you want to add different products, your customer only needs to refresh to see the products you added.

Browse-y Shopping Experience

Your customers are already comfortable navigating websites and adding items to a shopping cart. Give your customers that same experience.  They browse through products and add their favorites to a list and email it back to you.

Close the Deal

If you want to take it a step further, activate the shopping cart and add payment processing so that customers can order products right from their personalized presentation website.


Be ready for your follow-up call by seeing views and clicks on each website via DistributorCentral reports menu.  >> Learn How to Generate Website Reports