DistributorCentral Named Finalist in 2017 PPAI Technology Award Competition


GARDNER, Kansas (November 8, 2016) – DistributorCentral (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) has been chosen as a finalist in the 2017 PPAI Technology Award Competition in three categories: Mobile Apps/Mobile Websites, Web Content/Functionality and Social Media.

Mobile Website – The DistributorCentral website is aimed at both current and prospective distributor and supplier users. The site was built internally on our own new, fully-responsive platform which leverages the powerful tools available in DistributorCentral’s new responsive web builder. The website is responsive in order to adjust to any device to provide our mobile visitors a productive and pleasant browsing experience.

Web Content/Functionality – DistributorCentral launched a new website in 2016 built entirely with the same tools offered free to every distributor in the industry. The fully-responsive website was redesigned to give prospective members a better picture of their service offerings and show distributors and suppliers how they can save time and money in their businesses by leveraging DistributorCentral’s suite of technology tools.

Social Media – The Facebook social media campaign, “Come in and create a new Responsive Website for Free” was aimed at both current and prospective distributor and supplier users that were in need of a new or updated company website. Using a mix of content, the campaign drove attendees to DistributorCentral’s tradeshow booths where distributors created new websites on the spot using their easy website wizard creation tool.

“DistributorCentral is honored to be selected as a finalist in the 2017 PPAI Technology awards. Our talented team has worked hard to build one of the industry’s most powerful technology platforms and teach industry distributors and suppliers how to use the platform to save them time and money. To also see our customer-focused marketing and social media initiatives be recognized as part of these awards is truly an honor,” said David Shultz, Vice President of Operations.

As a finalist, DistributorCentral will be recognized at the 2017 PPAI Awards Block Party on January 10th, during the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas.

For more information about DistributorCentral visit www.distributorcentral.com and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

DistributorCentral’s Jason Nokes & David Shultz recognized on Promo’s Top Tech Collaborators & Innovators List

A list was recently published of the Promo industry’s Top Tech Collaborators & Innovators. Dale Denham, MAS+, CIO, Geiger and Jon Norris, VP of Operations, Starline collaborated to recognize those individuals who are leading the tech charge in our industry with their business strategy and execution utilizing technology. The Industry “Tech22” recognizes the industry technology leaders based on their technology and business skills. Today’s IT leaders are a different breed as business acumen and the ability to lead people are at least as important as strong technology skills.

Coming in on the list in the #15 spot are DistributorCentral’s Jason Nokes, President and David Shultz VP of Operations.

Jason and David are on the forefront of web, cloud and mobile solutions for companies of all sizes within the industry. The scalable challenges they have faced hosting over 20,000 websites is no easy feat. Early adopters of PromoStandards, they have continued their drive and desire to see industry standardization flourish. For a small distributor, they make it easy.

DistributorCentral was also recognized as PPAI’s 2016 Industry Collaborator Award recipient at this year’s PPAI Technology Summit.

Click for the full #Tech22 List

DistributorCentral Selected as the 2016 Industry Collaborator Award Recipient


Gardner, KS (July 26, 2016) – DistributorCentral (DC) (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) announced today that the company was selected as the Promotional Products Association International’s 2016 Industry Collaborator Award recipient. The annual award, presented by PPAI, celebrates the technological achievements by a member company whose efforts help to bring the industry closer together through greater efficiency, information sharing and collaboration.

The 2016 Tech Summit Award winners will be recognized at the PPAI Technology Summit being held on August 17th and 18th in San Francisco, CA. The awards presented at the Tech Summit identify and showcase advances in technology that bring success to individual companies and help advance the industry as a whole.

DistributorCentral was recognized for their Inventory Web Service Solution that provide suppliers an easy way to host a live feed of their inventory data as specified at promostandards.org without the need to design, build and host the service themselves. As part of this service DistributorCentral will host a supplier’s inventory data at no charge and administer credentialing and access to the supplier’s data for industry distributors and service providers.

DistributorCentral’s IT director, Chris Schlemmer, directed the design and build of this new service through which a supplier can easily upload inventory data to DC in a simple, text-based format or by using a pre-built app (downloadable from DC) which can be installed locally on a computer located at the supplier’s facility. Once installed, DC routinely pulls the supplier’s inventory data and re-broadcasts it to the industry per the promostandards specifications. Inventory data is integrated into DC’s product research platform and hosted website platform.

The initial commitment in resources required to design and launch this functionality was an investment that will continue to help service clients and promote enhanced technology and integration solutions long into the future. Early adopters and key DistributorCentral customers such as Alpi International and Omni Apparel were critical to the project as they assisted with early development efforts and testing.

“We are proud to be in a position to offer real-time inventory data from any supplier in industry to every distributor in the industry,” said David Shultz, DistributorCentral’s Vice President of Operations. “Simplifying the process of retrieving and providing access to real-time inventory data saves suppliers and distributors valuable time and money in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing industry landscape.” For more information visit: www.dcinventory.com

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DistributorCentral Launches Free Service to Host Inventory Web Services on Behalf of Industry Suppliers

GARDNER, Kansas (June 9, 2016) – DistributorCentral (DC) (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) recently launched a solution for suppliers to host their inventory data at no cost in the standards specified at promostandards.org

Development began soon after the 2015 PPAI Tech Summit, with Alpi and Zorrel being the first suppliers to start using when it went live to the industry in March of 2016.

While the inventory standard has proven to be a fantastic tool for suppliers to share inventory data electronically with distributors, it was difficult to encourage adoption among suppliers who might not have the technical expertise on staff to build the service. It was that barrier to entry that encouraged DC’s IT director, Chris Schlemmer, to come up with a solution to address the needs of these suppliers. Under Schlemmer’s direction, DC built and launched a service whereby a supplier can easily upload inventory data to DC in a simple, text-based format or by using a pre-built app (downloadable from DC) which can be installed locally on a computer located at the supplier’s facility. From there, DC is able to “re-broadcast” the inventory.

Any distributor or service provider in the industry can access that supplier’s inventory data by consuming DC’s web service, just as they would when retrieving inventory data directly from a supplier who hosts their own inventory web service. Also, since DC provides technology tools free to the industry, every distributor now has access to real-time inventory information. Inventory data is automatically shown on the 8,000 distributor e-commerce websites hosted by DC, as well as its internal product research and presentation tools.

As an additional benefit to users who are interested in integrating directly with DC’s web service, any distributor with a DC login and API key can retrieve inventory data from every DC supplier using the same credentials, eliminating the need to hit multiple supplier web services and track multiple sets of credentials.

“DC’s ability to quickly launch an inventory web service on behalf of a supplier can save a supplier an immense amount of time and money that would have otherwise been spent developing their own inventory web service,” said Schlemmer. “The initial investment in time and effort on DC’s part was an investment that will continue to help service our clients and promote enhanced technology and integration solutions long into the future.”

For more information visit: www.dcinventory.com or www.distributorcentral.com.

DistributorCentral Continues to Expand, Adds New Employees to Development Team

GARDNER, Kansas (March 21, 2016) – DistributorCentral (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) announced two new additions to its development team as part of the company’s continued growth.

“The addition of Pablo and William brings new energy and enthusiasm to the company’s current developing team,” said Jason Nokes, President. “We saw the need to bring on additional developers to continue to make strides forward.”

Pablo Hanke has joined the DistributorCentral team in a new position – Data Integration Manager. With a background in the legal collection world, Hanke handled all data/reports to and from clients. Hanke’s extensive IT, data integration and reporting experience will support DistributorCentral’s efforts to create standards for product integration.

In addition to supporting existing efforts, Hanke will ensure that DistributorCentral stays abreast of the latest technology to meet customers’ needs.

William Giles has joined the DistributorCentral as a Web Application Developer. Giles will be working closely with the DC web application development team to improve its search system and overall usability.

Giles previously worked for National Seminars as a Web Developer and also had his own web contracting business before he came on board with DC.

“William came in with a great deal of experience and a natural talent for web development and emerging technologies,” said Nokes.

Introducing the New DistributorCentral Public Website

To complement the recent launch of our new, responsive website platform, we wanted to redesign our public website leveraging the powerful tools available in DistributorCentral’s new responsive web builder. As part of designing a new website our team felt it important to showcase our “story” so visitors could learn more about what we mean when we say that DistributorCentral is, from product research to delivery, “the complete solution for distributors and suppliers.”

The mission behind the creation of DistributorCentral’s technology has always been to create Accurate Orders; for an end user to order products from a distributor website and have those orders flow seamlessly to the supplier with all the pertinent information required for the supplier to accurately produce and ship the order to the customer. The foundation of DC is that accurate orders start with accurate and complete product information from the supplier, which is why it’s important to understand that suppliers have direct access to update their data and why they commit to honoring the pricing they have listed on DistributorCentral.

The desire to better explain how our services support our mission led us to create a very different type of home page. Users can scroll down and see how DC takes you seamlessly through the order process and gives you the website, product research and customer management tools you need to run your business more effectively. Additional changes were made to enhance the feature and pricing information in order to provide distributors and suppliers are better picture of our service offerings.

“We are especially proud that this redesign was built entirely within the new, responsive DC Web Editor,” says Rachel Dykes, DistributorCentral’s User Experience Developer. “In addition to the basic tools offered in our web builder we did employ some custom Javascript to achieve the cool scrolling effect on the front page, but any DC user familiar with advanced web design can replicate the effect within our editor by using similar Javascript techniques. We hope our new site showcases the power and flexibility of our new web editor.”

Even if you are already a DC distributor or supplier user, we encourage you to take a few minutes to learn more about how our technology works seamlessly from product research to delivery to save you time placing and receiving accurate orders.

Click Here to visit the new DistributorCentral Public Website

Introducing the New DistributorCentral Public Website

GARDNER, Kansas (January 26, 2016) – DistributorCentral (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) announced today that their product data feed is now integrated with e-commerce service provider, Webjaguar. Distributors can now find products in Webjaguar’s Promo Solution from DistributorCentral.

“Advanced eMedia developed a new eCommerce Store platform for the promotional products industry. To compliment our own database of industry VIP Suppliers we partnered with DistributorCentral to increase our Supplier selections to over 675,” said Scott Johnson, Director, PROMO Commerce Division, Webjaguar.

DistributorCentral lists over forty different integrations and partnerships. Suppliers benefit from integrations such as the one with Webjaguar because it extends the reach of their products to more Distributors beyond DistributorCentral’s product research tool and Distributor hosted websites. When a Supplier makes a real-time update to their product, they are automatically updating their products on all of these sites as well. This is a benefit of being a Supplier PRO Member of DistributorCentral.

“Working with the team at DistributorCentral was a pleasure; both companies integrating the DC database into our new IMPRINT Stores platform became a quick and effortless project. Distributors and Suppliers looking for an advanced eCommerce platform built for the promotional products industry now have the solution with our unique platform and one of the industry’s leading product search providers,” said Scott Johnson, Director, PROMO Commerce Division, Webjaguar.

“The DC product feed is provided free of charge courtesy of our suppliers for use by distributors and service providers. By providing the tools to connect information, we have made integrations with our database straightforward and easy,” said Jason Nokes, President of DistributorCentral.

For more information about DistributorCentral visit: www.distributorcentral.com

For more information about Webjaguar visit: www.webjaguar.com

DistributorCentral Honored for Excellence in Promotional Technology Tools

IRVING, TX, (January 22, 2016) – DistributorCentral, won Silver in the 2016 Technology Award Competition sponsored by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). Thirty-Eight Gold, Silver and Bronze winners were recognized at the PPAI Awards Presentation & Reception held January 12, 2016 at the House of Blues in conjunction with The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas.

PPAI recognized DistributorCentral for its leadership in technological achievement, awarding the company the 2016 PPAI Technology Award in two categories. DistributorCentral’s CentralZone Digital Newsletter won in the Blogs/Podcasts/Digital News category and the DistributorCentral Mobile App won in the Mobile Apps/Mobile Websites category.

“DistributorCentral separates itself from its competition by investing in new technology and utilizing time-saving, mobile applications and digital content to meet the needs of its customers,” said Paul Bellantone, CAE, president and CEO at PPAI.

DistributorCentral was presented Silver in two categories for the 2016 PPAI Technology Award. These winners were selected by a panel of industry professionals and independent, outside marketing and advertising professionals. For more information about the PPAI awards program visit www.ppai.org/awards or contact the PPAI Awards and Recognition department at .

DistributorCentral Announces Integration with Commonsku’s New Collaborate Feature

GARDNER, Kansas (December 7, 2015) –DistributorCentral (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) is proud to announce their integration with a new commonsku (UPIC: C552077) feature called collaborate.

Collaborate is a new, more efficient way for distributors and suppliers to work together inside commonsku. Collaborate helps distributors discover new products faster, and makes it easier for suppliers to find new customers and gain more exposure to their products.

Product data that is maintained on the DistributorCentral platform will automatically feed into the commonsku collaborate tool. This gives suppliers the ability to suggest products via their DistributorCentral catalog without re-keying product or pricing information. Distributors can then add these products to their commonsku presentations, estimates and sales orders with one click.

“DistributorCentral is committed to supplying product data for the entire industry. We support the new commonsku collaborate tool because it is an easy way for our suppliers to generate sales using the product data they already maintain on DC,” said Jason Nokes, President of DistributorCentral.

“We designed commonsku’s software as a way to streamline communication across the promotional products supply chain. Having DistributorCentral data incorporated into collaborate makes it easier for suppliers to add their products right into distributor projects, thus saving everyone time,” said Mark Graham, Chief Platform Officer of commonsku.

Suppliers must be a Supplier PRO member of DistributorCentral for their products to populate into collaborate from the DC database. (Otherwise, they have the option of manually adding them from their commonsku database.) There is no cost for distributor customers to use this feature. If a supplier is not already part of collaborate, they can start a 15 day free trial when invited into a project.

For more information about DistributorCentral visit www.distributorcentral.com

For more information about commonsku collaborate visit www.commonsku.com/collaborate

DistributorCentral Announces 400 Percent Increase in Product Traffic

GARDNER, Kansas (September 15, 2015) –DistributorCentral (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) announced today that overall product views have increased over 400 percent in less than two years. So far in 2015, products in the DC database have seen by distributors and their customers an average of 3.6 million a month. Compared to 2013, when DC averaged less than one million product searches per month, this represents a tremendous increase in potential sales generated from DistributorCentral data.

DistributorCentral attributes this growth to not only an increase in the Supplier and Distributor members but to the strategic partnerships they have formed. DistributorCentral is proud to list over forty different integrations and partnerships for its customers, including providing product data for commonsku, Essent, eBlox, PromoCorner, and Artwork Services USA members.

DistributorCentral is also a part of a group of professionals committed to improving the IT efficiency in the promotional products industry through collaboration. The goal of this project, along with 20 of the largest suppliers, is to implement new and better ways to do business based on a set of standards that are compatible for the greater good of the industry.

“Participation in these efforts not only contributes to increased exposure, but also improves the overall user experience; which we constantly strive to do,” says Jason Nokes, President of DistributorCentral.

“To support the increase in traffic, in 2015 we moved to the best in class cloud-based hosting that provides a faster, more secure environment for all of our users,” says Nokes.

A 400% increase in product views over two years is good news for Supplier members that list their products in the Pro version of DistributorCentral. As DC’s product feed populates over 8,500 distributor websites via DC’s website system, integrations and software partners, supplier’s overall statistics have grown exponentially.

Nokes foresees the rapid growth to accelerate in 2016 as more supplier, distributor, and partner members come on board.