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Website Freight Preferences for Distributors

As a Distributor, you can determine how freight is calculated on your websites in the shopping cart.

Previously Distributors depended solely on Suppliers to enter in data for freight so that the correct amount is added to the shopping cart on an order. Now, each Distributor can make that decision for themselves.

There are 9 different options that each Distributor can choose between to have freight calculated to suit the needs of their sites.

A distributor can do many things starting with adding a percentage to calculate in cases where the Supplier doesn’t offer freight or even turning off the freight calculation completely.

Below is a quick list of the preferences offered:

  • Use the Supplier-provided freight data
  • Set a flat shipping rate per item
  • Set a flat shipping rate per order
  • Add a flat fee to existing freight
  • Add a percentage markup to existing freight
  • Use the Supplier freight if available, if not available, use a flat fee
  • Use percent of order total only (total of products)
  • Use Supplier freight if available, if not available, use a percentage of product total
  • No Freight – do not include freight on orders

To get to this preference:

  1. Go to Account Menu > Preferences> Website Preferences
  2. Click on Preferences to the right of the DC Site that you would like to modify the settings
  3. Click on Shipping in the left box
  4. Scroll down to the question titled, “How should shipping be calculated on orders?”
  5. Select the option that you would like to use (see the guide below for an explanation of each option) and if needed enter your % in the field provided
  6. Save your changes

See this guide to get instructions and a more detailed explanation of each option.