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The Freedom To Control Your Own Data

Every month, DistributorCentral receives the most online product data traffic of any service provider in the industry. There is a reason we’re #1, we generate more than 6 million product views for our suppliers every 30 days from the DC research tool, 8,000 e-commerce distributor websites, and our live product data feed used by other providers such as commonsku, PromoCorner, and Web Jaguar.


Our mission at DistributorCentral is to be the most accurate solution in the industry; for an end user to accurately order products from a distributor’s website, and for the distributor to create accurate orders to the supplier.

Accurate orders all start with accurate and complete product information from the supplier. Suppliers using DC agree to honor their products and prices listed so distributors are assured of having accurate data without having to verify during the selling process.

“The Suppliers that I work with find DistributorCentral to be the easiest system to update, export, and import data for shopping cart functionality and accuracy. Our Distributors and Suppliers work as a team to ensure accuracy and report inaccuracies when they are noticed. When a Distributor finds a discrepancy, they have a tool to quickly make a comment and send that over to DistributorCentral. Once received, the Supplier is made aware and is able to correct the item via their Supplier representative,” said Aubrey Weaver, Senior Account Manager.

DistributorCentral allows suppliers total access to their products and pricing. The Product Editor has been designed for ease of use to make real-time updates. Suppliers can also export product, option and choice data into an excel format to update and upload. “From the time the updates are received and started, we are able to complete the import in just a matter of minutes,” said Heather Windler, Support Specialist. Most suppliers only need to export their product data though for annual pricing update purposes.

Besides hosting product data and pricing, we have also been working with suppliers to help them be able to share inventory data electronically. This is another way how we are committed to providing enhanced technology and integration solutions that in turn, support our mission.

Offer every point of view – of your product, that is!

Multiple colors, different imprint areas, and different product angles. Seeing all these images would be helpful for any customer to see if they are researching a product.

In addition to the original main product image on products in DistributorCentral, now there is an option to add in your additional product images to show up on the details page for Distributors and on websites*.

These additional images will be scroll from left to right and you can click on them to see them as a larger image.


You will automatically start seeing these inside as Suppliers add them to their product lines.

*If you would like them to also show up on your websites through DC, you can enable the CSS shopping cart preference in your DC account for each website.

Update this preference here:

  1. Websites Menu> Add/Edit Websites
  2. Click on “Preferences” to the right of the website that you would like to enable this for
  3. Now click on “Catalog” on the left
  4. Scroll down to the preference titled, “Use original catalog page layout or new layout?”
  5. Select “CSS” and Save
  6. Now you must Publish that website under Website Publisher
If you don’t see your favorite Suppliers additional images, let them know that you would like them added!


You can start adding images manually:

  1. Log into with your username and password
  2. Go to Products Menu> Add/Edit Products
  3. Find and click on Edit next to the product that you have multiple images for
  4. Click on the “Images” tab
  5. Scroll down to “Additional Product Views” to add your files
  6. Once added, Save the changes.

Contact DistributorCentral if you would like to upload those images in bulk. We can walk you through the steps.

Product information for Distributor hosted websites

Distributors that already have websites hosted elsewhere can still utilize the DistributorCentral product data.

You can utilize a link to the product data on your website or integrate our Product data XML on your website.

For most Distributors, the link to our product catalog is the way to go. You can add this link in any way that you would like to your outside website.

To get the link to the product catalog:
1) Go to the Websites menu in your account
2) Select Add/Edit Websites
3) Click the Edit link beside your website
4) Click the Website Publisher tool.
5) The catalog link shows at the bottom of the page in the Users with Existing Websites section.

Click here or watch below to see a short video about adding the DC product catalog to your existing website.


Experienced Website Designers can use our XML feed to add DC products to their outside site:

Please note that you should work with a Website Designer that is experienced with XML feeds if you would like to use this feature. DistributorCentral does not provide support with integrating these feeds to your site.

The DistributorCentral product XML data feed is designed for developers wishing to design their own website, but still use DC product data. You will still create a basic website and catalogs using existing tools within your DC account, but the output will be pure XML …

See this guide to read about this feature:
XML Guide

How To Create Preferred Supplier Catalogs for Your Website

DistributorCentral makes it easy for you to specify which Supplier’s products that would like to display on your website.

When creating Preferred Supplier Catalogs, you can either select the Suppliers that you would like for their products to display, or you can exclude certain Suppliers whos products that you do not want to display on your site.

Here’s how to do this:
– Go the the Products Menu and select Manage My Catalogs– Select Manage My Catalogs
– Click the Add New Catalog button
– Name your catalog (which can always be changed)
– Change the Catalog Type setting to Preferred Supplier Catalogs
– Check either Include or Exclude Selected Suppliers and choose active and display dates if you like
– Click Save and Add Products
– Select the Suppliers you want to include/exclude. They’re sorted by the first letter of the company name. Click Save after adding Suppliers from each letter group
– Click the Update button, and then click on the Add Catalog to My Website button.

– Here, you can now remove the default All Products Catalog, so that the Preferred Supplier Catalog will be the only catalog on your website
– Click Save
– Go the the Publisher page and the click on Publish New Changes

You can watch a short presentation below for specific instuctions on how to create Preferred Supplier Catalogs.

New Feature: Use Compare Tab to Create Custom Catalogs

Most of you know about the “Compare” feature that DistributorCentral offers while doing product searches. With this feature you could previously create collections, create an email flyer and quotes of multiple products. Now, you can also create a custom catalog to add to your DistributorCentral website in the same way!

To create a custom catalog using the “Compare” feature:

1. Login to your DistributorCentral account

2. Go to Products Menu> Product Search

3. Now do a search for the first product that you would like. (ex: type “Magnets” in the keyword search area)

4. You will see “Compare” under each product to the right. Click on that “Compare” link to start collecting your products. As you click on each product, the “Compare” tab will accumulate those products. Feel free to do additional searches, the system will save the products you have already compared. You will be limited to 75 products total for your catalog.

5. Once you have compared all of your products, Click on the “Compare” tab above the Product search area on the right side.

6. Now select “Create Custom Catalog” button from the bottom right.

7. You will now have the opportunity to rename your catalog.

8. Then select “Update” and then “Add catalog to my website”. If you have multiple websites, you will be asked to choose which website that you would like to add the catalog to.

9. Now click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.

10. Click on “Publisher” at the top right of the Website Editor and then click on “Publish New Changes”. You should start to see your catalog on your Product Catalog page of your website within 15 minutes.

You can also see this blog entry below for more information about our “Compare” feature.