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DistributorCentral announces new responsive website

DistributorCentral has launched a new version of our corporate website on a brand new, fully-responsive website platform built internally from the ground-up. As the number of users visiting DistributorCentral on mobile devices continues to grow it was important to us to provide a pleasant and useful browsing experience for all users across desktop, tablet and phone.

Even more important was to build our new website on the very same responsive platform that we will soon roll out for all of our distributor and supplier users! That’s right, very soon you will have the ability to build your own website on our new platform and provide your customers with the same mobile-friendly browsing experience that we are now providing to you on!

The DistributorCentral website is aimed at both current and prospective distributor and supplier customers of DistributorCentral. Visitors can browse our new site to learn about features, pricing, see current news through social media channels, learn about our staff, find support and contact information, and see real-time listings of upcoming webinars.

Rachel Mundhenke, User Experience Developer  said “I was able to build a brand new website for DistributorCentral in record time using DC’s new web builder. I think the site will be a great showcase for the powerful web editing tool coming to DC users soon. And, being one of the first people to test the new platform, I was able to give helpful feedback to make the editor even better. It was so easy to quickly build mobile responsive pages that I want to use this tool for all of my web projects. This platform is the dream of web developers everywhere.”

Visit on your computer, phone, tablet or all three at

Updated Tool For Editing Website Content

With the recent updates to Internet Explorer many of our users encountered issues while adding content to written content blocks on their sites. Managing image uploads and inserting those images into website pages, making changes to the appearance of text, and modifying the overall layout pages was affected by the latest updates to IE.

DC has upgraded our written content editor within the DC website tool that addresses each of these issues.

Enhanced Website Content Editor

Key Enhancements: 

  • Cross-browser compatibility; works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE including versions 10 and 11
  • Ability to upload images to your content library and insert those images into written content blocks
  • Ability to preview content in the editor window and in your preview website
  • Full set of editing tools for type, tables, special characters and more
  • Advanced features for power-users that allows you to specify classes and IDs for images, divs, and more to which styles can be applied through CSS

If you haven’t given your website a “freshening up” recently now is a good time to check out the new web editor and see how easy it is to add or update the content on your website.  Remember – search engines love websites with continually-updated content

A More Intelligent Mobile Template

Due to some excellent suggestions, a bit of new CSS has been added to the mobile website template to make it easier for the end user.  For most handheld devices it should scale better (since the new CSS checks the device’s width, which makes it appear more intelligent).  This gets around having to zoom in just to see the site itself as with the iphone in particular was not resizing the site.  This should be more device friendly as it will attempt to constrain to the size of the screen (There are some exceptions and a couple pages that have a set width that can only get so small, but will reduce itself as low as it can go).

To use the new update you’ll need to re-use the template by going to the Templates and selecting use next to the Mobile Template – Buttons.

If you see anything that could be improved, or if you have suggestions for the mobile template, please let us know at  We’ll explore the possibility and post a blog entry for anything new that we put out for the mobile template.

New Website Feature – Migrating Websites From Your Main Account To Child Accounts

DistributorCentral has rolled out a new tool in the website editor that lets you easily replace websites in child accounts with content from a website template in your main account.  This is a powerful way to quickly create new websites, using an existing design, for your sales persons within their own child accounts.  The migration tool will automatically publish the child account website, so you do not need to take this step in the child account.

Here is how to migrate a website to a child account:

  1. Log into your DistributorCentral account
  2. Under Websites on the menu bar go to Add/Edit Websites
  3. Click the Edit link next to the website you wish to migrate
  4. On the Website Main Menu, select Website Publisher – the gear with the check mark
  5. Scroll down to the header Migrate Website to Child Accounts
  6. Click on the link and then select “OK” on the confirmation
  7. Here you will see all of your child accounts and their websites
  8. You can select any number of websites in this area.  Each website selected will be replaced by the website you are currently in.  To help you keep track of which website you are in there is a link above to your website that you can use to check. *NOTE* Each child account that is created comes with a standard website that only has the product catalog.  This means that it’s easy to create a few child accounts and using the migrate tool to replace the standard site with the one from the main account.
  9. After selecting the websites, click the button Migrate Websites.
  10. The selected websites will be replaced and published
  11. Wait 15 minutes and take a look at the child account websites.

Like it, Share it, Tweet it or Pin it: We’ve got your social media tools covered

In recent posts we showed you how to leverage DistributorCentral’s Facebook integration tools to enhance the social functionality of your website. DistributorCentral recently added additional tools to compliment our social media integration options including tie-ins to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1, and Pinterest.

Most of our users are familiar with the common social media sites but recently we have been receiving numerous inquiries regarding Pinterest.

Pinterest is the freshman on the block that is quickly gaining a foothold in the promotional products’ industry. If you are not familiar with Pinterest or how it might benefit you as a distributor or supplier it is worth spending some time on the site or and reading one of the many recent articles that have been published regarding Pinterest’s impact on businesses.

Essentially Pinterest is a photo sharing site that allows users to “pin” photos on various “boards” that you create. A number of suppliers and distributors have already set up Pinterest accounts and launched a set boards to share (i.e., “pin”) their products as well as pin other related products, links, and collateral material.

There are browser-based tools to help you pin general images and links items to your own boards, but the real power of Pinterest integration for website owners is the opportunity to give your website visitors the ability to pin a specific product image and link on their own boards with the click of a button. Those “pins” could then be “re-pinned” by other users and all of the sudden you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people re-pinning your images and products.

DistributorCentral Social Media Tools

If referral traffic is what you’re after, Pinterest might be a good addition to your social media strategy. According to Shareaholic’s Referral Traffic Report, Pinterest drove more referral traffic to websites in January than YouTube, Google +1, and LinkedIn combined. Who can discount those kinds of numbers?

To get started you’ll first need to setup a Pinterest account. Once you’ve done that – create some “boards” that relate to your company or product line. For example, if you sell invitations, maybe you want to create boards for Weddings, Graduations, or other them or event-related boards. You will use these boards not only to showcase your own products, but to also showcase pertinent, complimentary products, websites, or articles that help generate interest and increase views and re-pins of your posts.

Next, you’ll need to add a “Pin It” button to your website, preferably one that is integrated with your catalog pages in such a way that it automatically grabs the appropriate product image and link when clicked by a visitor. If you are hosting a website with DistributorCentral then we’ve already done this work for you; simply edit your website preferences, look under the Social Media Integration category, enable the “Pin It” button preference, and re-publish your website.

Each catalog page on your website will now feature a “Pin It” button that automatically fills in the product image tied to the catalog page being viewed, automatically sets up the link back to that page, and allows the user to enter some comments before pinning the product to their Pinterest board.

DistributorCentral “Pin It” Integration

Once your website is “Pinterest-enabled” you can encourage visitors to “pin” your products on their own boards while you are also posting product and other ideas to your own company Pinterest boards. Just as with Facebook, Twitter, and the rest, Pinterest is just one more tool to help you engage your customers, leads, and website visitors and get them to help promote your product or service. Be sure to learn everything that you can about Pinterest before getting too far; social media tools are only as good as the effort that you put into learning how to use them consistently and effectively .

To learn more about enabling your DistributorCentral website for Pinterest or other social media sites contact DistributorCentral at

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Add an Image Slideshow to Your Website!

We’ve added a great new tool that easily allows you to create image slideshows for your website. Click here to see it in action on a website.

This tool is really easy to use. All you need to do is upload the images to your Content Manager for your site, and then add the Image Slideshow tool to any page on your site. Furthermore, you can even link the images. Watch the short video below that explains how to use this great new feature.


Are you looking for industry related images for your website (such as the example below)?

If so, click here to visit our Image Resource website to view 100’s of images that you can download and use when creating your website.

Learn more about what Distributors are calling “the best website solution in Promotional Product Industry.”  Click here for more details or watch our website Introduction video below!


New Feature – Drag and Drop Blocks for Websites

Attention DC Website Users – You can now move webpage blocks in the website editor by simply dragging and dropping them into the order that you would like them arranged.

This should make it much easier to move around the content on each of your pages.

This feature is available under Website Editor > Add/Edit Webpages.

Edit the page and then click on a block and drag it to move it around. 


Paypal Integration with the DC Shopping Cart!

You can now allow your customers to pay you via Paypal when they order a product from your DistributorCentral website.

You can set this up by following these simple steps:

  1.  Log in to your DC account
  2. Go to Account Menu> Payment> Payment Setup
  3.  Here Select “Paypal -Real-Time Merchant Processing” by moving it to the right box as a selected payment
  4.  Once you Save your changes, you will be reverted to a page where you will enter in your Paypal associated email

Once this is done, the customer will be taken directly to PayPal upon clicking the “finish” button on the final order page. From there they can pay via PayPal or by standard credit card (if the recipient/Distributor has a “business” PayPal account).

Once the payment is completed, the Customer is reverted back to the Distributor’s website.

Distributors will get the order notification email and receive the order in their DC account whether the Customer completes the payment at PayPal or not.

If a payment is successfully posted at Paypal, that payment record will have the transaction id listed with it in the payment list for the order.

Click here to view other payment methods available for your shopping cart.

Click here for a pdf guide describing each available payment method.

Click here for a supplemental blog entry regarding PayPal and DistributorCentral.

New Website Feature – Background Images

We’ve created a website tool that allows you to easily add a background image for your website.

Here’s how to use this tool:
– First, upload the image in your website Content Manager
– Next, go to the Sitewide Settings area, and Edit the Footer of your website
Add a block, and select Background Image from the content dropdown menu
– From here, select your background image, and also specify the properties such as; Repeating, Position, Fixed or Scroll and Background Color (see example below)

Note: You can use the Background Image tool on individual pages, if you would like it to be different from page to page on your website.

New Website Feature! View Shopping Cart page:

Attention Website users!

There is now a new page available to add to your website. You can add the “View Cart” page to allow your customers to leave the shopping cart and go back to it later during their visit to your website.

This can be easily added to your website:

1. Go to Websites Menu> Add/Edit Websites

2. Edit your website

3. Click on Add/Edit Web Pages

4. Scroll down to the section titled “Pages You May Add to Your Website

5.Select “Add This Page” to the right of the “View Cart” page name

6. Now you can change the name from “View Cart” by entering in another name in the fields “Display name” and “Page Name

7. Once this is completed, select “Save

8. Now you can sort your page in the Navigation bar by selecting “Sort Pages” to the right of the “Add/Edit Pages” section at the top.

9. Go to Website Publisher> Publish New Changes.

Note: This page will now display on your navigation bar once you Publish your Website

Now your customers can add products here or go back to an order to complete it (during the same visit).

This is what your customers will see when they click on “View Cart” if they have products in the shopping cart:

Below is what they see if they don’t have any products yet added: