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Engage Online Customers

Last month, DistributorCentral partnered with Technologo for an online webinar called “Keep Em Coming Back; How to Engage Online Customers” where we demonstrated various ways to engage customers on you website.

Tiffany Tarr, Vice President of Sales at DistributorCentral talked about some of the features that can be enabled on a DistributorCentral-hosted website that will enable you to be more proactive.

Being proactive isn’t always about finding ways to generate new business. By understanding the buying habits of your current customers you can anticipate their needs. Send them ideas well before their events so that you can avoid last minute rush orders.  One of these ways is by setting up Reorder Reminders. Distributors can setup automatically generated emails to their customers to remind them that it’s time to place a reorder. This is helpful for items like Calendars that are ordered annually.

Another way to be proactive is by sending customized presentations with products that display your customer’s logo. The Technologo Virtual Sample Tool can be enabled on your website and allow you to create virtual samples that can be used in your product presentations.

Stephanie Protz, Marketing Director at DistributorCentral talked about the benefits of implementing a Live Chat Feature on your website during last month’s webinar.  A “live chat” feature is a plug-in that can be enabled on your DistributorCentral hosted website that provides a quick and easy way for you to be proactive by reaching out to customers currently browsing your website. Questions can be answered in real time which greatly reduces instances where customers leave your website because their questions haven’t been answered. This type of functionality has been proven to increase sales, since it captures customers at the point of sale and helps them through the conversion process and checkout completion.

Create a sense of urgency by setting up a Discount Code to drive business within a specific time period. Discount codes are another easy and effective way to drive traffic to your website or encourage repeat sales. Whether you offer free setups, free shipping, or simple discounts we highly suggest taking advantage of this tool in your account and using it in your marketing efforts with your customers.

Lastly, take advantage of DistributorCentral’s Monthly Themed Product Specials. Themed Supplier product specials are available each month and are accessible on the homepage in DistributorCentral when you log into your account. These specials are also sent via email three times each month to Distributors subscribed to our marketing emails. This month we are featuring “Back to School” items. Looking ahead into this summer, you can expect “Sports/Fan Gear” products in July and “Awards/Recognition” products in August.

Each of the tools mentioned are available to you as part of the DistributorCentral suite of tools, or as 3rdparty tools that can be easily integrated into your DistributorCentral-hosted website.  Each of them also represent one more way to be more proactive in your sales efforts, and better leverage technology tools to grow customer relationships and generate more sales.

Updated Tool For Editing Website Content

With the recent updates to Internet Explorer many of our users encountered issues while adding content to written content blocks on their sites. Managing image uploads and inserting those images into website pages, making changes to the appearance of text, and modifying the overall layout pages was affected by the latest updates to IE.

DC has upgraded our written content editor within the DC website tool that addresses each of these issues.

Enhanced Website Content Editor

Key Enhancements: 

  • Cross-browser compatibility; works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE including versions 10 and 11
  • Ability to upload images to your content library and insert those images into written content blocks
  • Ability to preview content in the editor window and in your preview website
  • Full set of editing tools for type, tables, special characters and more
  • Advanced features for power-users that allows you to specify classes and IDs for images, divs, and more to which styles can be applied through CSS

If you haven’t given your website a “freshening up” recently now is a good time to check out the new web editor and see how easy it is to add or update the content on your website.  Remember – search engines love websites with continually-updated content

Customization Preference- Add Virtual Samples to your websites

Make Virtual Samples available for your customers on your website.

This will allow your customers to see what their logo will look like on any of the products that you offer.
There is a $15 per month, per website charge to utilize this feature. Click here to learn more.
Your customers can click on “Add your Logo” and a window will open (second image below) where they can remove and add logos to this product. They can save this as a PDF as well to print off or email it.
This is what that will look like on your site below:

A window will open like this when they click on “Add Your Logo.”

Remember to Publish your site after you enable this feature!

Customization Preference – Change Prices on your Website / Strike Through Pricing

You can customize the pricing that shows to your customers for products on each of your DistributorCentral websites!

There are a few different options that you can take advantage of when editing the pricing for your websites. There is a $20 charge per website, per month to utilize this feature.

You can mark up the prices with a percentage above Net pricing, mark the pricing down a percentage from Retail pricing, or set the margin for the Retail markup.
This feature could be helpful to those distributors who are creating company stores for their customers or possibly even for those who just want a competitive price on their website for promotional products.
There are many other reasons why you might want to use this new feature to help make your site your own.

Click here to see the instructions to add this feature to your website.

Once you have that preference set up, you can also set up a preference to allow “Strike-through pricing” so your products pricing has a red line through the original cost and have the discounted cost under it. 

Here are the steps to set up “Strike-Through Pricing” – Note: this will only show up after you have enabled the “retail adjustment” preference above. It will also only show up on the details page of each product as it is clicked on.

  1. Go to Websites Menu> Add/Edit Websites
  2. Click on Preferences to the right of your website
  3. Click on “Catalog” to the left
  4. Find the preference titled “Show Strikethrough pricing on product catalog?”
  5. Set that to “Yes”
  6. Save the changes
  7. Publish the website to make those changes live

Customization Preference- Change Product Images

You can customize the images that show to your customers representing products on each of your DistributorCentral website catalogs!

There is a $20 charge per website, per month to utilize this feature.

Maybe you would like to add your customers logo to all the products that are listed on their company store website to help them visualize what the finished product will be. . .
maybe you would just like your own images to represent certain products on your website.

There are many reasons why you might want to use this new feature to help make your site your own.

Click here to see the instructions to add this feature to your website.

Integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to use to get detailed traffic statistics for your DistributorCentral hosted website.

Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back” ~Google Team

Get your Google Analytics Account:

  1. Go to the Google Analytics website
  2. Sign in using your Google account or sign up to get a free account.
  3. Click the Add Website Profile link.
  4. Under “Choose Website Profile Type” select Add a Profile for a new domain.
  5. Under “Add a Profile for a new domain” type your main domain name in the field.
  6. Under “Instructions for adding tracking” copy the code shown on GoogleNOTE: You can use either “Legacy Tracking Code (urchin.js)” or “New Tracking Code (ga.js)” though Google recommends using “New Tracking Code (ga.js)”.
  7. Click the Finish button in Google.

Once you get your Google Analytics account, you can integrate that with your DC hosted websites by adding the Analytics script (see above) to a section in the DC website editor:

To add the script:

  1. Login to DistributorCentral
  2. Go to Websites Menu > Add/Edit Websites
  3. Edit the website to the right of the Site name
  4. Click on “Website Traffic” on the right
  5. Paste your script into the field on the right
  6. Click the Save button
  7. Publish your website under “Website Publisher

Click here if you need more help.

New Website Feature – Migrating Websites From Your Main Account To Child Accounts

DistributorCentral has rolled out a new tool in the website editor that lets you easily replace websites in child accounts with content from a website template in your main account.  This is a powerful way to quickly create new websites, using an existing design, for your sales persons within their own child accounts.  The migration tool will automatically publish the child account website, so you do not need to take this step in the child account.

Here is how to migrate a website to a child account:

  1. Log into your DistributorCentral account
  2. Under Websites on the menu bar go to Add/Edit Websites
  3. Click the Edit link next to the website you wish to migrate
  4. On the Website Main Menu, select Website Publisher – the gear with the check mark
  5. Scroll down to the header Migrate Website to Child Accounts
  6. Click on the link and then select “OK” on the confirmation
  7. Here you will see all of your child accounts and their websites
  8. You can select any number of websites in this area.  Each website selected will be replaced by the website you are currently in.  To help you keep track of which website you are in there is a link above to your website that you can use to check. *NOTE* Each child account that is created comes with a standard website that only has the product catalog.  This means that it’s easy to create a few child accounts and using the migrate tool to replace the standard site with the one from the main account.
  9. After selecting the websites, click the button Migrate Websites.
  10. The selected websites will be replaced and published
  11. Wait 15 minutes and take a look at the child account websites.

Favicon – Distinguishing Your Tab With Your Brand!

What is a Favicon?

It is the customized icon next to your bookmarked website and your logo on the corner of a website tab.  It’s a great way to help your site stand out among many bookmarks and tabs.  Look at how you can identify the different sites based on the tab logo:

How do you put a Favicon on your site?
First off, we would like to make it well known that for Favicons to work, we need to be hosting your domain. To make your own favicon:

  • Make a graphic 16×16 pixels in a graphics program like PhotoShop
  • Save it as a bmp file
  • Now you need a graphics program to convert the bmp to an icon.  We recommend Irfanview. Visit this link to download the program.
  • Use the program to change the bmp image into an icon
  • Name it favicon.ico
  • Now on your DistributorCentral website: Upload to your Content Manager the favicon.ico under the Documents tab
  • Once your site is published, the Favicon icon will show up shortly after

Now you have a Favicon to display your site that gives it a bit more professionalism.

How to Create and Use Button Images for Your Website’s Navigation Bar

Button images are a great way to visually enhance your website. You can create images in a programs such as Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator, and then upload “On” and “Off” images to represent buttons for your navigation bar on your site.

To do this:

– Upload your On and Off images into the Content Manager for your site
– Then click on Add/Edit Pages
– Click on Edit for a page in your site
– Click on the Show Advanced Options link in the upper right corner of the page
– Select the corresponding On and Off images to represent the navigation for that page
– Click on Save
– Repeat this process for the rest of the pages on your site

Click here to view some pre-made button schemes that you can download and then use on our DC site.

You can also create your own buttons on this site:

How to Brand and Manage Multiple Services and Websites

For many businesses, promotional products are an extension of what the primary service(s) may be, which more and more companies are venturing out into the promotional product world. Current Distributors are also aggressively extending their promotional product business out as well, such as providing graphic design services.

Many companies try to list all their services on just one site, which is fine, but it’s very hard to organically get those sites indexed high in the search engine results. However, if you just plan on using Adwords and pay for your ranking based on keywords, then one master site is ideal.

There is another strategy that works really well, which is creating multiple websites based on each service you offer. It starts with a base of your official company and primary service(s), which you can promote on a main website. It then stems up and branches to the other divisions and websites that promote extended services that you may offer, a few being; promotional products, graphic and logo design, screen printing and embroidery, forms, signage, etc. (see image below – click to expand).

The idea of this game is trying to find a variety of sources for your business to bring in more customers. You can have core services, but also try to have unique services as well, which can help drive traffic to your websites. Even with your core services, try to find a way to distinguish your company from competitors.

For example: One of your core services is screen printing. There are thousands of screen printers out there, and your site might not show up high general screen printing search engine results. However, you brand yourself as “The Leading Custom Hoodie Screen Printing Service”. Your site then has a greater probability of showing up higher in search engine results when people search for custom screen printed hoodies.

This same concept applies when creating target or niche websites.

For example: There are thousands of websites for Custom Signs. There are fewer websites for Custom Yard Signs. There are even fewer Custom Eco Friendly Yard Sign websites (see image above).

Branding is important for a company, especially if you’re are a conglomerate that mixes promotional products with other services. When it comes to branding your company online, it’s a good idea to link all your services. On the example referenced in the image above, each extended service references the main company, A division of Oober Marketing, Inc. Furthermore, the logos have a similar look and feel as well (separate websites can do this too). This will help your customer base easily recognize who they are doing business with.

Do you have ideas on extending your services? DistributorCentral gives you the tools to easily accomplish this!

Create multiple websites and with specific product lines
Create your own products, market them on e-commerce capable websites
Free domain hosting, social networking tools and more, and you can easily setup sub-domains as well

What more do you need? Get started today!