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Utilize Facebook Social Plugins To Enhance DistributorCentral Website

Facebook Social plugins allow you to easily integrate you company fan page with your website.

 Here’s how to get started:

– First, login your Facebook account, and then access your company fan page and click on the Edit Page button (see example below).

Next, click on the Resources menu, and then on the Use social plugins link (see example below)

From here you can select the Facebook plugin that you’d like to use on your site (see example below)

You can then fill in any variable to get a desired appearance and then click on the Get Code button (see example below)

Once the code displays, you’ll want to copy both sections (see example below)…

…then you’ll want to paste the code into a Written Content area on your DC site where you want to the plugin to display, make sure that the Web Editor Preference for the Written Content area is set to Basic HTML (see example below)

There you have it…your Facebook plugin should be displaying on your DC website, make sure to Publish your changes to have the plugin display on your live site. Click here for more Facebook tips for your DC website.

Creating your own Templates.

DistributorCentral previously created a feature to allow you to create a website and make it a template.

This will allow you to use copies of this same website over and over to make similar sites from. This would also work great if you have sales representatives with child accounts or company stores that all have the same design structure.

Click here to view a PDF guide that will walk you through the process of creating a template and using it:

Catalog Design Changes – Website Catalog / CSS manipulation

You might notice a new look when you are doing your product research in DC starting today.

We have updated our catalog and product pages to a more modern layout and design.

This is also coupled with a new feature that would allow advanced website users to customize the look of their DC website catalog pages. This can be enabled with a preference.

1. In your DC account, go to Account Menu> Preferences> Website Preferences

2. Click on “Catalog” on the left

3. Find this preference:

4. Now set the preference to “CSS (Beta)

5. Publish the Site

6. Once you enable the preference, you can upload your CSS and our catalog can be manipulated.

Here is a guide to add your CSS:

More information to come!

Sitemaps 101

What are Sitemaps?
In simple terms, a Sitemap is a list of URL’s for your site that help inform the search engines about pages that are on your site, and search engines like, Google, Yahoo and Bing really like them. Instead of us trying to explain…we’ll let the experts explain…

Basic explanation of Sitemaps and protocol:

Here’s what Google says:

How do I create a Sitemap?
Ideally, your Sitemap should be in XML format, however you can provide them in RSS feeds and text files, however those provide limited information compared to XML formatted Sitemaps.

Click on the link below for information from Google on how to create a Sitemap.

If you don’t have an XML editor on your computer, you can download a free one by going to:

Here are some Sitemap generators that you can use as well (some of these do have a fee).

NOTE: We do not provide support with assisting you on creating a Sitemap.

How do I add a Sitemap to my DistributorCentral website?
Once you have your Sitemap created, you can simply upload the XML document to your website.

To do this:
Edit your site
– Go to the Content Manager area
– Click on the Documents tab and then on the Add New Document button
– Browse and Upload the Sitemap file from your computer
Publish your site

Once published, you should be able to access the Sitemap by entering in your URL and then your sitemap name (see image below).

Next, you can then submit the Sitemap in your search engine webmaster account(s) (see example below).

Now…there is a different type of Sitemap that you can create for your site for visitors use as opposed to search engines. Basically, it’s just a custom page where you list all the different page URL’s associated with your site. This could be beneficial if you have a particularly complex website with many pages (below is a basic example).

Google is King but don’t forget about Yahoo and Bing

Google provides great analytic reports that you can use to gather statistics on your website as well as webmaster tools to help you optimize your site for Google’s search engine. Even though Google is the most popular search engine, Yahoo and Bing are big contenders and you should get your website familiar with their webmaster tools as well.

Setup your Google Webmaster account at:

Setup your Yahoo Webmaster account at:

Setup your Bing Webmaster account at:

You may want to take a look at some of the other search engines as well. Here’s a list of the Top 10 General Search Engines in order (some of these, you will have to pay to use their webmaster tools).

Note: DistributorCentral does not specialize or train users in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. You would need to contact a SEO company if you would like to work with someone to strategize on how to attain high page rankings for your website. Click here for few tips that you can utilize in your DistributorCentral account to help better optimize your website so that it can be properly indexed by search engines such as Google.

Advanced Written Content Block Techniques

Written content blocks have a lot of features that you can take advantage of when creating your website. Not only can you use them to enter text for your website, but they also allow you to add images, hyperlinks, flash files, tables, and anchor links.

Watch the short video below to learn some advanced written content techniques that you can apply to your website!


Advanced Website Users- Integrate your CSS!

The DistributorCentral Website Editor allows integration with CSS.

If you are familiar with this website design technique, you can implement that CSS to your DC website.

See this guide for instructions:

Search Engine Optimization Resource

Search Engine Optimization can make your DistributorCentral website more successful for your company.

Below is a link to a document that could be helpful for you to optimize your website for search engines. This document is specifically targeted to optimizing your website for Google.

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide PDF