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A More Intelligent Mobile Template

Due to some excellent suggestions, a bit of new CSS has been added to the mobile website template to make it easier for the end user.  For most handheld devices it should scale better (since the new CSS checks the device’s width, which makes it appear more intelligent).  This gets around having to zoom in just to see the site itself as with the iphone in particular was not resizing the site.  This should be more device friendly as it will attempt to constrain to the size of the screen (There are some exceptions and a couple pages that have a set width that can only get so small, but will reduce itself as low as it can go).

To use the new update you’ll need to re-use the template by going to the Templates and selecting use next to the Mobile Template – Buttons.

If you see anything that could be improved, or if you have suggestions for the mobile template, please let us know at  We’ll explore the possibility and post a blog entry for anything new that we put out for the mobile template.

New Website Feature – Migrating Websites From Your Main Account To Child Accounts

DistributorCentral has rolled out a new tool in the website editor that lets you easily replace websites in child accounts with content from a website template in your main account.  This is a powerful way to quickly create new websites, using an existing design, for your sales persons within their own child accounts.  The migration tool will automatically publish the child account website, so you do not need to take this step in the child account.

Here is how to migrate a website to a child account:

  1. Log into your DistributorCentral account
  2. Under Websites on the menu bar go to Add/Edit Websites
  3. Click the Edit link next to the website you wish to migrate
  4. On the Website Main Menu, select Website Publisher – the gear with the check mark
  5. Scroll down to the header Migrate Website to Child Accounts
  6. Click on the link and then select “OK” on the confirmation
  7. Here you will see all of your child accounts and their websites
  8. You can select any number of websites in this area.  Each website selected will be replaced by the website you are currently in.  To help you keep track of which website you are in there is a link above to your website that you can use to check. *NOTE* Each child account that is created comes with a standard website that only has the product catalog.  This means that it’s easy to create a few child accounts and using the migrate tool to replace the standard site with the one from the main account.
  9. After selecting the websites, click the button Migrate Websites.
  10. The selected websites will be replaced and published
  11. Wait 15 minutes and take a look at the child account websites.

Tips On Using DC’s Mobile Site Template

We have created a template for a mobile site.  This template focuses on a more user friendly mobile site.  We are unable to provide in depth support for the mobile template, since it uses CSS.  If you see some significant issues or have some information you feel may be helpful to the mobile site template, please send it to

Below you will find tips on what to keep in mind for a mobile template.  Our template can be modified like a normal website in DistributorCentral.

Getting To Your Site
You should think about creating a landing page or putting in redirect code.  You’ll want a either of those because the mobile site will be a completely different site in DistributorCentral.  A landing page/site will add a step for all users to either select a button that says mobile or one that says desktop.  The other option is adding some sort of redirect code.  The simplest one detects the screen size in pixels and redirects based off of that.  In either situation, you’ll need to link back to a desktop version, on the template you can add a link to the Desktop Button; click here for instructions on linking an image. More information and coding can be found at  

Keep your site simple.  Mobile sites thrive off simplicity.  If you have ways to simplify the site, do it.  On Mobile sites, white space is less of an issue, so don’t feel like you have to fill up every nook and cranny.  As you can see below, the template’s hompage is very simple, allowing the customer to navigate on a simple level.  Additionally when using the template, many of the preferences have been used to remove some of the clutter seen with mobile phones.

Web Address
Since you will have two sites, you will probably want to setup a subdomain in DistributorCentral.  I would suggest something like For more information about creating sub domains please follow these steps: Setting up a subdomain.

Some good sites that go over mobile design are:

Here are links to some of our other templates that you may be interested in:
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Supplier Website Templates Added

DistributorCentral Suppliers…we’ve added several website templates to help you get started on creating your website in DistributorCentral.

Supplier Template – 1
Supplier Template – 2

Click here for more information on website solution.

How To Create a “Customized Featured Product” Website

There have been many requests for customized product websites recently. So we thought that we would offer a “How To” guide for creating your very own Featured Product Website in DC.

We recently added more features to make it even easier for you to customize products for your website.

There are many advantages in creating a site that is featuring only one or only a few customized products:

  • Search Engine Optimization is easier
  • No searching required for your customers
  • No confusion over the order process
  • Marketing is easier
  • and more!

So here it is:

1. Pick out a product or type of product to feature on your site.

a. To get started, decide the who, what, where, and how of your future site. This could also be considered the logistics of the site. This is usually the boring part where you lay out your plans.


2. Now you will need to create a fulfillment account in your main DC account:

a. Log in to your DC account at

b. Go to Products Menu > My Products (Fulfillment Account)

c. Once in the account Fulfillment Account, go to Products Menu > Add / Edit Products

d. Click on “Add Similar from Supplier Product” link on the bottom right

e. Pick the Supplier and the product that you are going to feature on your website

f. Now change the Product name and number and Save the product at the bottom.

g. You can now customize this product by changing the pricing, the description, the image and so on to match your needs.

Click here to view detailed information regarding  how Fulfillment Accounts work, and how to setup up your own products. 


3. Create your website

a. Log into your MAIN DC account and go to Websites Menu> Add/Edit Websites

b. Scroll down to the Pre-Made Templates and select the template titled “Customized Featured Product” Template by selecting “Use” to the right









c. Name the template and Create the website

d. Now Click on Product Catalogs and Click “Add/Remove Catalog” at the top right. Find your Fulfillment account catalog from the box on the left and move it to the right and Save. Now hit “Save Changes” again at the bottom of the next page.

 e. Now continue customizing the website by uploading your logo and switching out the product on the home page with your product.

1. Go to  Add/Edit Pages and click on “Edit” next to the Home page. Change the Supplier field to the default selection with no Supplier name selected and enter in your exact item number in the Product field. Then hit “Search” and “Save” at the bottom.

Learn more about editing your website here:

f. Now Publish your Changes under the Publisher section

g. Now you can purchase a domain name and map it to your new site to market to your customers. See this guide to learn about adding a domain name:

You can repeat these steps to create other websites as well or you can add more “Featured Product” blocks to the website to feature more products too.

Good Luck!

DC Team

Easy Website Editing Option Available!

There is a  feature offered that would allow you to edit your website while in “Preview” mode rather than going directly into the website editor.

You can try this by following these steps below:

  1. Log into your DistributorCentral account
  2. Go to Website Menu> Add/Edit Websites
  3. Click on Edit to the Right of your website
  4. Here at the top right you will see a new Preview link. It will say “Edit/Preview



When your Preview window opens, you can hover your mouse over your content and it will turn yellow. If you click on any of that content, the system will open up the website editor to the area where you can make that change.

When you save that change, the editor window will close and the preview will refresh automatically.


Remember to Publish Your Changes.

Watch the short video below to learn how to quickly create your own website.


Have you Noticed Our Templates?

DistributorCentral has created many new templates for you to utilize for websites in your account.

If you haven’t seen our template section in the last six months then you should look again.

As of today, we have 28 templates for you to choose from and we are always adding more and improving those that are already there.

Each of these templates offer the DistributorCentral product catalog and shopping cart. You can also customize the product catalogs available.

Here are a few samples of some of our templates.

You can use the templates that we offer to create multiple websites in your account. You are welcome to change these templates to fit your needs as well.

You can see the list of all the templates we provide by clicking on the Websites Menu in your account on the far right side of the Navigation bar.

Once you have clicked on the Websites Menu, you will see a section titled “Pre-Made Templates.” In this section, it will list all of our templates available.

To view what these templates look like, select Preview on the right side of the template name. If you find one that you would like to use, select Use on the right side of the template name.
This will create a new website in your account.

All of these templates are available free of charge.