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All Signs Indicate the Extinction of the Printed Catalog

The physical catalog appears to be doomed, and the reasons are pretty simple…

• Suppliers cutting back on expenses
• The rise of high-speed internet mobile devices
• The bulkiness, clutter and waste
• The need for Suppliers to update products and add new products throughout the year

As a Distributor, if you rely on printed catalogs, the solution is simple…Tablets. The iPad may have started the revolution, but now there are dozens you can choose from and prices that can really fit most budgets. With the combination of your DC website catalog, tablets not only give you the power to carry around the equivalent of 100’s of product catalogs to show your customers 1000’s product ideas, but also allows you to take actual orders online through your DC website catalog (click here for more website info).

NOTE TO SUPPLIERS: Virtual Catalogs and Downloadable PDF catalogs are great, which you can easily upload into your DC account to make readily searchable and available to all Distributors (click here for instructions), but the true power is making your products e-commerce capable. DC gives you the ability to easily have your products ordered online by Distributors and End Customers through a real e-commerce shopping cart. Other service providers are “trying” to play catch-up to this concept, but we’ve been at it for over 12 years! The big difference between DC and the other service providers is that they re-sell and charge your customers for your product data. DC gives all Distributors in the industry FREE tools to not only find and research your products, but to also market and sell them online…This is why your product data will always be more valuable on DC than with any other service provider. Click here to learn more about our Supplier services, and the DC difference.

New Supplier Feature – Embed Code For Virtual Catalogs

For suppliers in DistributorCentral, we have added the embed code for the virtual catalogs.  This is similar to the embed code you would take from YouTube to display on your site.  This is an easy way to place virtual catalogs on your site where the customers can quickly view the virtual catalogs on your own website.

If you have not uploaded a catalog, you may do so by Clicking Here and following the instructions.  To obtain the embed code for a virtual catalog you have uploaded, follow the steps below.

Start by logging into DistributorCentral, on the menu bar, under ProductsUpload PDF/Virtual Catalog.

For each of the catalogs you have uploaded in DistributorCentral, below it you’ll see the embed code.  Copy the code and paste it onto your site.  If you are using a DistributorCentral site you can follow the same instructions for adding the code as the video for embedding YouTube videos Here.

You can now embed this code into your website so the virtual catalog can be on a normal webpage instead of a direct link to an outside page that has the catalog.

Here is what it looks like:

Product Research Part 4 – NEW! Searching catalogs, emails and websites

Product Research Part 4 – Now when you do a search in your DistributorCentral account, you are also searching archived Virtual Supplier Catalogs, Supplier Email Blasts AND Supplier Websites – all while doing 1 search in DC!

To do this, just do a normal search in your account:

  1. Log in at
  2. On the Home page, do a keyword search
  3. Hit Go

Here you will see the search results page, but you will see other tabs as well across the top of the search results.

The Products tab is our traditional search that searches the Products in DistributorCentral set up by our Suppliers. These have a shopping cart  and include all charges.

The Categories tab is a full list of every Category that a product is associated with in this search.

The Suppliers Tab lists all the Suppliers that have products that matched this search. This also includes a map to see the location of each Supplier.

Virtual catalogs tab allows you to research all of the virtual catalogs loaded in our system from any Supplier in the industry that match your search criteria.

Email Blasts tab works also allows you to research the indexed email blasts uploaded by any Supplier in the industry to our system.

The Supplier Websites tab gives you Supplier websites that match your search to help aid in product research.

The addition of these new search features was done as an aid to help with product research.

Suppliers- Do you have a Virtual Catalog?

Did you know that you can create a virtual catalog on DC as a Supplier?

You can upload your catalogs directly to your account under Products Menu> Upload PDF/Virtual catalogs.

The requirements for a PDF catalog are:

1. File must be a PDF

2. File must be smaller than 100 mb in size for Virtual Catalog use

(Please note that for DC to index your catalog for product searches, you will need to upload a file smaller than 30 mb. Most Suppliers are uploading the complete catalog for Virtual catalog purposes and then also separating their catalog into sections to be indexed in product searches and uploading them as separate files in this same area)

3. File should also be about 72 dpi resolution

Follow these steps to upload and get a link to your catalog that you uploaded:

1. Login to your DC account at

2. Go to Products Menu> Upload PDF/Virtual Catalogs

3. Click on Add New Virtual Catalog on the right

4. Enter in the Name that you would like to display for the catalog, a start and end date if needed, and click Browse.

5. Find the file on your computer and click Upload. It could take some time to upload depending on file size.

6. Then click on Save.

7. Now you will see that the file is listed on the PDF/Virtual Catalogs page. Under the catalog, click on Direct Link. This will generate the link that you would use to add the virtual catalog to your website. Copy the link in the address bar.