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Make your Email Blasts Count

Effective email blasts are an art form. The most impactful email campaigns are relevant to your target audience and strike a balance in email frequency that keeps your brand fresh in your customers’ minds without overloading them.

Keep it Simple

Think about your own email inbox and what types of emails catch your attention and cause you to react.

Create an Awesome Subject Line

Make sure your subject lines make sense, are relevant and persuasive.  Remember, you have to compete with all the other emails that are being sent out by your Email Blast Service Provider. Make sure your subject line will catch attention. (What key words should I use? What ones are overused and, therefore, should be avoided?)

Make it Easy

The overall goal of the email is to get people to open them, read the information, and then click through to take action.

Take the guesswork out of wondering if your email generated leads for you. Know if you’re getting results by setting up and tracking marketing analytics. Set up offer codes to track your promotions.

If your email blast content is advertising special pricing, does your blast link directly to that product where it is easily orderable? Or does it go to your homepage and then the Distributor is expected to navigate to find that item?

Make it easy for your customers to respond to the offer you are blasting to them by leading them directly to where you would like them to take action.

Be Consistent

Whether you want to send emails quarterly, monthly, or more often, put your email blast dates on a calendar and stick to the schedule. You’ll build momentum for yourself and your customers. They’ll come to start expecting your emails to arrive. If you’re good about sending your emails for a while but then suddenly go dark, you’ll start to lose the momentum on both ends.

Also make sure your artwork has a consistent look at feel so your customers begin to recognize your style.

Make It Count

When creating the content for your email blast, make sure your messages contain information your target audience will care about and again, keep it simple. It’s normal for brand managers to get excited about every aspect of their product, but an email blast needs to convey information that is exciting for your readers. Email blasts need to contain well-written information and a specific call to action that your audience will respond to.

Create an “Above the Fold” Call to Action

If you create an email blast for which you want your contacts to do something, like take advantage of an offer, make sure you have that high up in the email.  A good rule of thumb is that your call to action should appear right away, when someone opens your email. If someone has to scroll to find it, it’s in the wrong place. Think of a newspaper headline.

Send the Right Amount

Are you bombarding your customers’ inboxes twenty times a month or just once a quarter? Both are probably not the best way to go about email blasts. If you are clogging up your clients’ email with a dozen or more messages every month they will most likely stop reading them all together or get annoyed and unsubscribe. On the other hand, sending an email blast once every 2-4 months won’t keep your company name fresh in your customers’ minds.

Email marketing is marketing, not magic. You wouldn’t expect to get a great return on playing a radio ad or running a TV commercial just once.  That is why we as a Service Provider do not sell email blasts à la carte.

If you are considering email marketing, we recommend you test the effectiveness for a period of time.  Remember that customers will open emails differently depending on the time of year and even the time of day that your email is sent. To get as many customers as possible to open your emails, you need to commit to sending emails over a period of time and implementing these best practices to make the most of your efforts.

Stephanie Protz, CAS | Marketing Director

Spector & Co Hires New Communications Specialist

Spector & Co. is excited to welcome aboard Natalia Lidovskikh as Communications Specialist.

Reporting to John Thullner, Director of Marketing, Natalia’s main focus will be on website development and expanding Spector’s social media platforms.

For the past ten years Natalia has been traveling the globe and gaining international experience in various aspects of Marketing including Digital Marketing, Integrated Communications, PR, Strategic Planning and Branding. “I’m here to collaborate with you and find effective and innovative solutions!“ says Natalia.

Natalia is a self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie” and her wide range of interests include exciting and diverse activities like skydiving and bungee jumping.

Natalia can be reached at Toll Free Tel.: 1-888-377-7732  Ext.324
She wants to hear from you!

DistributorCentral Adds Email Marketing Service to Arsenal of Marketing Tools for Suppliers

GARDNER, Kansas (January 30, 2015) –DistributorCentral (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) the promotional product industry’s premier eCommerce sales engine, has introduced an email marketing service. DistributorCentral is now offering Supplier email campaigns that reach over 35,000 industry distributors to help promote everything from Press Releases to Specials to New Product Releases.

DistributorCentral’s email marketing service is its own custom in-house solution. This means they have complete control over their lists and all traffic because emails go out on their own dedicated server.  All measures have been put into place to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance so that emails are validated and delivered from a reputable sender.

“Our list consists of active DistributorCentral users that perform three million product searches per month within the DC platform,” says President Jason Nokes. “For Suppliers, our Email Blast Service is like shooting a bull’s-eye right into the DC Distributors network.  Email marketing is not just a great way to reach your clients, but it can be particularly effective when used in conjunction with social media marketing.” says Nokes. “Each email includes social sharing and the ability to forward to end users.”

“We worked hard to make our email marketing service affordable and easy. All you have to do is provide us with your HTML email or image, and our email marketing specialists will manage your campaign from start to finish. You just sit back, relax and view the campaign reports after the blast is completed”, said Dave Shultz, Vice President of Operations. “We are confident that our new email marketing solutions will help Supplier companies connect with existing and new customers to build successful, lasting relationships.”

“Suppliers who have already sent campaigns out in the month of January experienced great response,” says Tiffany Tarr, Vice President of Sales. “One Supplier noted that their incoming calls and website traffic were remarkably higher as a direct result from blasting with DistributorCentral.”

For Additional Info / Pricing:

Waldor Line Releases Ten New Products / Mid-Year Supplement

The Waldor Line has released a Mid-Year Supplement that features ten new products.

New products include various styles of tote, utility, shopping and cosmetic bags along with a luggage grip, electronics/ eyeglasses pouch and a travel kit.

Click here to view their 2014 Mid-Year Supplement Catalog. All ten new items are available to view on DistributorCentral.

Waldor Mid-Year Supplement

View Supplier Product Emails

Hello Distributors…DistributorCentral is making it easier for you to research Supplier products by sourcing their email blasts right into your account! 

Here’s how to view them: 

1. Click on the Browse link in the Email Blast section located in the lower left portion of the Home page in your account (see example below).

2. Once you have conducted a product search within your account, click on the Email Blasts tab. This will then display the Supplier email blasts that pertain to the search criteria that you have entered (see example below).

Product Research Part 4 – NEW! Searching catalogs, emails and websites

Product Research Part 4 – Now when you do a search in your DistributorCentral account, you are also searching archived Virtual Supplier Catalogs, Supplier Email Blasts AND Supplier Websites – all while doing 1 search in DC!

To do this, just do a normal search in your account:

  1. Log in at
  2. On the Home page, do a keyword search
  3. Hit Go

Here you will see the search results page, but you will see other tabs as well across the top of the search results.

The Products tab is our traditional search that searches the Products in DistributorCentral set up by our Suppliers. These have a shopping cart  and include all charges.

The Categories tab is a full list of every Category that a product is associated with in this search.

The Suppliers Tab lists all the Suppliers that have products that matched this search. This also includes a map to see the location of each Supplier.

Virtual catalogs tab allows you to research all of the virtual catalogs loaded in our system from any Supplier in the industry that match your search criteria.

Email Blasts tab works also allows you to research the indexed email blasts uploaded by any Supplier in the industry to our system.

The Supplier Websites tab gives you Supplier websites that match your search to help aid in product research.

The addition of these new search features was done as an aid to help with product research.