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Updated Tool For Editing Website Content

With the recent updates to Internet Explorer many of our users encountered issues while adding content to written content blocks on their sites. Managing image uploads and inserting those images into website pages, making changes to the appearance of text, and modifying the overall layout pages was affected by the latest updates to IE.

DC has upgraded our written content editor within the DC website tool that addresses each of these issues.

Enhanced Website Content Editor

Key Enhancements: 

  • Cross-browser compatibility; works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE including versions 10 and 11
  • Ability to upload images to your content library and insert those images into written content blocks
  • Ability to preview content in the editor window and in your preview website
  • Full set of editing tools for type, tables, special characters and more
  • Advanced features for power-users that allows you to specify classes and IDs for images, divs, and more to which styles can be applied through CSS

If you haven’t given your website a “freshening up” recently now is a good time to check out the new web editor and see how easy it is to add or update the content on your website.  Remember – search engines love websites with continually-updated content

Customization Preference- Change Product Images

You can customize the images that show to your customers representing products on each of your DistributorCentral website catalogs!

There is a $20 charge per website, per month to utilize this feature.

Maybe you would like to add your customers logo to all the products that are listed on their company store website to help them visualize what the finished product will be. . .
maybe you would just like your own images to represent certain products on your website.

There are many reasons why you might want to use this new feature to help make your site your own.

Click here to see the instructions to add this feature to your website.

Google Analytics Tips: 10 Data Analysis Strategies That Pay Off Big!

Here is a great article by Google Analytics guru Avinash Kaushik:

Google Analytics Tips: 10 Data Analysis Strategies That Pay Off Big!

Remember you can integrate your DC website with Google Analytics, instructions are here:

Integration with Google Analytics


Integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to use to get detailed traffic statistics for your DistributorCentral hosted website.

Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back” ~Google Team

Get your Google Analytics Account:

  1. Go to the Google Analytics website
  2. Sign in using your Google account or sign up to get a free account.
  3. Click the Add Website Profile link.
  4. Under “Choose Website Profile Type” select Add a Profile for a new domain.
  5. Under “Add a Profile for a new domain” type your main domain name in the field.
  6. Under “Instructions for adding tracking” copy the code shown on GoogleNOTE: You can use either “Legacy Tracking Code (urchin.js)” or “New Tracking Code (ga.js)” though Google recommends using “New Tracking Code (ga.js)”.
  7. Click the Finish button in Google.

Once you get your Google Analytics account, you can integrate that with your DC hosted websites by adding the Analytics script (see above) to a section in the DC website editor:

To add the script:

  1. Login to DistributorCentral
  2. Go to Websites Menu > Add/Edit Websites
  3. Edit the website to the right of the Site name
  4. Click on “Website Traffic” on the right
  5. Paste your script into the field on the right
  6. Click the Save button
  7. Publish your website under “Website Publisher

Click here if you need more help.

The Email Signature aka Your Virtual Business Card

As tech support reps for DistributorCentral, we go through 100’s of emails per week. Many Distributors have fantastic email signatures, complete with contact info, website, social networking links and even ads for specials. However, we come across others that aren’t so great…some don’t even have email signatures at all.

You should treat your email signature almost like it’s a business card. When emailing clients, you should definitely have links to your Facebook, and other social network accounts that you may have, and it’s a perfect way to allow your customer to know what specials you may have as well. BUT, don’t get too carried away. There is a fine line between having a informative signature, and one that’s annoying. In most email programs, you can even setup multiple email signatures, and rotate them depending on who you are contacting, such as a potential customer versus a current customer (see example below).

Oh yeah…It’s perfectly fine to put catchy quotes, or stock verbiage on your personal email signatures, but as far as business emails go, it’s probably best to stray away from adding your favorite quotes, religious verses, “save a tree, don’t print this email”, “do print this, deforestation creates jobs”, or any kind of verbiage that may distract your customer or potential customer. You never know what might offend them, and well, it could cost you a customer.

What Does it Really Mean to be “Green”

We often think that “green” promotional products are those that are recyclable, biodegradable, made from post consumer or renewable materials, etc. However, if the products are not used or are effective in your customer’s promotional campaign, then resources are still wasted as far as time, money and effort by the end customer which can then hurt your return sales. Furthermore, even if products are made from eco friendly materials, they may have been transported half way around the world, which counters the “green” idea…so it’s also a good idea to check for local Suppliers or businesses that can produce the products, especially if they are low quantity orders.

Eco friendly products definitely have their place in the promotional product industry, however, the “greenest” promotional products are the ones that are actually used and not quickly tossed aside or in the trash. This is where you, the Distributor has a vital role, as you are the specialist that your customer relies on for an effective promotional campaign…even if it’s just your customers business cards, since business cards often lead to more lucrative promotional product orders.

So when your customers ask for green promotional product ideas, make sure to take the all variables into consideration, and most importantly, not sacrifice efficiency for the “idea” of going green.

All Signs Indicate the Extinction of the Printed Catalog

The physical catalog appears to be doomed, and the reasons are pretty simple…

• Suppliers cutting back on expenses
• The rise of high-speed internet mobile devices
• The bulkiness, clutter and waste
• The need for Suppliers to update products and add new products throughout the year

As a Distributor, if you rely on printed catalogs, the solution is simple…Tablets. The iPad may have started the revolution, but now there are dozens you can choose from and prices that can really fit most budgets. With the combination of your DC website catalog, tablets not only give you the power to carry around the equivalent of 100’s of product catalogs to show your customers 1000’s product ideas, but also allows you to take actual orders online through your DC website catalog (click here for more website info).

NOTE TO SUPPLIERS: Virtual Catalogs and Downloadable PDF catalogs are great, which you can easily upload into your DC account to make readily searchable and available to all Distributors (click here for instructions), but the true power is making your products e-commerce capable. DC gives you the ability to easily have your products ordered online by Distributors and End Customers through a real e-commerce shopping cart. Other service providers are “trying” to play catch-up to this concept, but we’ve been at it for over 12 years! The big difference between DC and the other service providers is that they re-sell and charge your customers for your product data. DC gives all Distributors in the industry FREE tools to not only find and research your products, but to also market and sell them online…This is why your product data will always be more valuable on DC than with any other service provider. Click here to learn more about our Supplier services, and the DC difference.

Make Sure Your Customer Nose About Scented Promotions

Here is a clever promotional product brought to you by this blog  Do you have a customer that deals in food or has sweet sents that you might consider unique?  The example provided gives great in-site into how we use our sense of smell to recognize some of the events in our lives, like fairs and state fairs.

Picture it now: the smell of the outdoors mixed with various foods from cotton candy, to corn dogs, and my all time favorite – funnel cake.  If I were to smell funnel cake today, a flood of memories about fairs and carnivals would come back to me, which makes quite effective marketing.  For the full story click here.

Another great idea that goes along with a sented Banner/promotional product is a corresponding message on it to a pintrest post relating to that sent.  In the example above, why not put a QR code or weblink to a pintrest post on making funnel cake like the below?

Try T-Shirts On For Size As A Promotional Product

One thing about T-shirts is for certain, they are worn is many places.  Each shirt proudly displays it’s design and logo to those around them.  If you have not already, we suggest that you try doing a few promotions using T-shirts that are imprinted or embroidered.

Flashy or Simple?  This question is answered with the type of event.  If it’s for some sort of run or athletic event, you may want to get flashy or use brighter colors.  This draws the attention of the viewers into noticing the shirt.  The downside to the flashy and brighter shirts is that not many people would continue to use them outside of the event.  If the event does not have much news coverage or is more of a smaller social get together, go for a simple shirt with a well placed logo.  These shirts can continue to be worn after the event and exposes quite a few people to the brand.

Screen print or Embroider?  The question gets down to the type of fabric.  Do you have a soft smooth fabric like a cotton t-shirt or do you have rough fabric like denim?  If you have soft fabric, you can easily go with screen printing.  For rough fabric, since the screen print peals away quickly when on a rough surface, use embroidery for those rough surfaces.

The recycled effect.  This is when you give a shirt away to a charity or organization.  There are plenty of donations throughout the US that use these shirts.  If the branded shirt is donated it still has a great chance of displaying your logo or promotion.

For more information about T-shirt promotional products click Here or Here for two articles.