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HUB Multi-Line Rep Spotlight: Sharon Wohlleber

Braintree, MA, June, 2017 –Sharon Wohlleber joined Hub Pen Company’s team of multi-line representatives in 2011 representing the company in southern Texas, where she lives in the Houston area with her husband Bob and their two dogs Badger and Sissie.

The Cornwall, England native began her career in the promotional products industry in 1995 with HWA Sales.  She received several special recognition awards such as Representative of the Year from Ash City, The Spirit Award from customer Ogio and Supplier Rep of the Year from Stott’s & Co.

Brenda Angelini of Proforma Angelini + Diamond Solutions says, “There are many reps in the Houston area but Sharon is a true partner in my business. She wants to see my success and does what is necessary to help make it happen.  Since Sharon has been the Hub rep for many years, I always sell Hub first. Now that she is also on board with Beacon I know my sales will increase with that line too.”

In regards to Beacon Promotions, Sharon said, “I recently presented name badges to several different PROforma owners.  I was just getting going on the Badge Online Release Program, and one of the owners spoke up and endorsed how easy the program was to use.  She actually did my presentation for me!  It was hilarious.  Every time I tried to make a point she beat me to the punch!  She covered everything.   For once I was speechless!”

Sharon Wohlleber

Sharon Wohlleber

About HUB:
Boston has been described as the “Hub of the Universe” and in the Hub Pen story the same holds true. From Frank and Rita Fleming’s humble beginnings in Boston in 1954 to the 100 million pen annual operations of today, Hub Pen has grown to serve an ever -increasing national and international market.  Our customers have rated us “A” on the SAGE rating system and 5 out of 5 stars on ESP.  For more information on Hub Pen, visit our website at or call customer service at 800-388-2323.

About Beacon:
Beacon is a multiple Star Supplier Winner with a great reputation for service.  Our customers have rated us “A+” on  SAGE and 5 out of 5 stars on ESP.   Beacon offers a wide selection of products, such as:  Calendars, table covers, housewares, tools, techie, auto, highlighters and Name badges.  You will also find premium leather products in our Canyon Outback Leather line and Name Brand products for executive gifts and incentives.   For more information on Beacon, visit our website at or call customer service at 800-628-9979.


RiteLine VP Steven Meyer, MAS announced today the hiring of Mike Rubin and Rob Craxford to represent the line in ME, VT, NH, NY, NJ, DE, RI, PA, MD, DC, VA, CT and MA.. “This team has a great record of success in the industry and we’re excited to add them to the RiteLine team”, Meyer said. “Their many friends in the industry consider them a valuable resource for marketing programs and product. Their work ethic and industry stature brought this team to our attention, along with incredible heads of hair! We’re excited and pleased to have Rob and Mike represent a new supplier like RiteLine.”

RiteLine LLC is a Dallas based supplier new to the industry in 2015. RiteLine products are exclusively manufactured in our overseas state of the art factory. Directing the overseas manufacturing and the Dallas based decorating ensures RiteLine brings you industry leading  consistent quality.


If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with one of the mentioned parties please contact Kim Payne at 972.685.2060 or email Kim at

Warwick Announces The Addition of Northeast Representatives

St. Charles, IL
Warwick Publishing Company (ASI – 95280, SAGE – 57590, PPAI – 114154, DC – 101344) would like to announce the addition of Mark Larned of Freedom Line Marketing and Ken Cecco of Kenneth Cecco & Associates as their representatives in the Northeast region. “We are thrilled to have Mark and Ken on board representing us” remarked Phil Martin, MAS National Sales Manager from Warwick Publishing. Mark will be covering Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. Ken will be covering DC, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are confident that Mark and Ken will do an excellent job increasing the distributors’ knowledge of Warwick products.

Mark can be reached at 401-434-7316 or e-mail him at

Ken can be reached at 717-451-2784 or e-mail him at
For more information contact
Phil Martin, MAS
Warwick Publishing Co.

Hirsch Gift’s Grand Opening of New Facility

Hirsch Gift’s Grand Opening of New Facility

 December 10, 2014 – Local distributors, suppliers, and industry representatives joined Hirsch Gift last night in celebrating the opening of their new facility in Houston, TX.

During this event Hirsch Gift opened up their state of art showroom and conference room for everyone to mingle, have a few cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres while tours were given of the entire facility.  Since the party was held during business hours and then ran late into the evening guests were able to experience a day at HG.  The pad printing, laser engraving, and four color process machines were all cranking out orders while the production team was busily packing orders that needed to be shipped out that night. 

“The building was designed with specific reference to having natural light in all work areas, as well as high ceilings, creating a sense of space and comfort for all staff” remarked Peter Hirsch.

Dinner was served at 6PM in the new warehouse where HG booths had been setup for a selfie station and balloons.  Peter Hirsch, President, and his son Paul Hirsch, Vice President, presented awards to the architect and contractors for all of their hard work.  PPAI representative, Gary Slavonic, also spoke and said a few kind words.

Fun was had by all and the Hirsch Gift Open House was a huge success.

At GMG, the customer is mightier than the pen

The folks at GMG Pen have a bit of a secret. While the New Jersey-based company is a leading importer and manufacturer of writing instruments for the promotional products industry, the company’s main line of business is not pens.

So what is GMG’s primary product? Pull out your Slimster pen from the Ultra Penworks line and write this down: C-u-s-t-o-m-e-r S-e-r-v-i-c-e.

“The bottom line is there are thousands of distributors selling pens,” said Jay Soltan, Director of Sales for GMG Pens. “We understand what it’s like to be in our customers’ shoes and do whatever it takes to make the process easier.”

If “good service” as a point of differentiation seems a bit overused, consider GMG Pens has been in business only nine years. That the company has been able to grab a foothold in this most competitive of promotional product categories, establish a solid customer base and then continue to grow is evidence good things are hap-pening beyond the basics of product selection and price.

“We’re so focused on service and building customer relationships, it’s literally like the products are an after-thought,” Soltan said.

That said, the “pen” is center stage at GMG. While many suppliers include writing instruments as but one of multiple and varied product offerings, at GMG the pen is currently the only focus. As an exclusive pen supplier, GMG’s sole focus is offering an extensive array of plastic and metal pens that meet customers’ expectations for quality and pricing.

GMG features the Ultra Penworks lines of plastic and metal pens. USA-made pens are also in the company’s product mix, as well as increasingly popular and in-demand stylus pens. The GMG team aggressively seeks out new designs and styles, always with an eye to overall quality and writing ability.

“If a pen doesn’t write well, it’s not going to pass first base,” Soltan said. “That’s why we devote a lot of research not just on style and popularity, but also to the writing quality and ease of use.”

Soltan said during GMG’s early years, the company’s biggest challenge was getting customers’ attention. Doing so required competitive pricing, waiving fees and aggressively asking to “give us just one shot.” When that was accomplished, the providing of no-holds-barred customer service resulted in earning repeat business.

“Our goal at the end of the day is we want our customers to be our friends,” Soltan said.

Friends know how to stay in touch. GMG is a believer in face-to-face connections and thus includes a mix of trade shows and personal visits in its marketing mix. GMG customers can expect to receive several mailings a year, always with a product catalog that’s accompanied by snacks or goodies or something fun.

With over 60 employees, GMG is centrally located in Lakewood, N.J., and just a couple minutes from the Jer-sey Shore. The company is equipped with the latest high-speed screen imprinters. The investment in service-conscious employees and in technology relates directly to the importance of taking care of the customer’s needs right away.

“From the moment any one of us walks in the door, it’s all about doing what’s right for our customers, under-standing their needs, and customizing programs for what they need,” Soltan said.

This commitment to customers is also driven by the loyalty of GMG’s employees.  “As a career salesperson, I was overwhelmed by the dedication the entire GMG staff has towards their customers,” said Jason Shanik, Na-tional Accounts Director. “After working at GMG Pen for the past three years, I am here to stay”.

According to Michelle Newhouse, Special Account manager, “The training, devotion and efficiency of the CS staff has made GMG Pen a great place to work.”

A+ Wine Designs gets boost when striking ‘oil’

SAN DIEGO – Common knowledge says oil and water do not mix. Oil and wine, to the contrary, is a different story.

Case in point is A+ Wine Designs, an established California-based provider of custom labeling and etching on bottles of wine and champagne. Since last November, when A+ Wine Design added bottles of olive oil (and vinegar) to its product offerings, the company has validated the notion that man shall not live by wine alone. The new “oils” product lines at A+ Wine Designs will likely account for as much as 20 percent of the company’s orders in 2013.

While Michael McCarron, President at A+, could claim a talent for oil divining, he credits the company’s successful product roll-out to a more inherent skill: Listening.

“The number of requests for alternatives to wine grew over the years,” McCarron said. “It’s important to be ready for change and to keep changing. So we went for it.”

The company’s November 2012 introduction of olive oil and vinegar products was too late to catch that year’s holiday push, but that may have been a blessing. December is historically the company’s busiest time of year when etched and custom-labeled wine and champagne fits handsomely with corporate gift-giving. It’s the time of year when A+ Wine Designs stretches its resources and adds staff to make sure every order is filled.

Instead, the oils introduction began in earnest at the 2013 PPAI Expo. Then it was primarily a matter of making A+’s existing customers aware of the new option and making the most of a variety of media streams to get the word out. Adding to the interest is a marketplace that’s becoming increasingly health conscious.

“People are more into moderation and less about volume,” McCarron said. “The health angle of red wine is talked about a lot. Now olive oil has been proven to be good for your heart and gets a lot of attention. ”

McCarron acknowledges the competitive nature of his business and thus the perceived health benefits of wine and olive oil is but one part of a successful business formula. The company’s goal is to answer phones live, provide quotes in an hour and provide the quality customers expect when price-per-bottle starts around $20.

“Ours is a ‘wow’ product that’s as much due to the quality of labeling and etching as what’s inside the bottle,” McCarron said. “This business is more high tech than people realize, but that’s how we are able to give attention to every detail and to provide fast turn-around.”

And do the new “oils” get that same “wow” reaction as do the wines? “I’m not so sure about that,” McCarron said, “but feedback has been very good. So far it looks very promising.”

The Fingertip Line – Supplier Spotlight

Our line carries Emery Board Specialites • Manicure Minders • No Buff Shoe Shine Products • Ad Pads • Wood Bookmarks & Business Cards • Post-it Cubes • Post-it Notes • Post-it Note Holders

About The Fingertip Line:

The Fingertip Line is a family-owned & operated company.  We have been supplying Emery Boards and other items to the ad specialties industry since 1949.  We specialize in producing useful printed items with short turn around time.

Featured Product:

FC-1 – Small Foamcor Salon Board is 3 1/4″ x 5/8″

As low as $ 0.62 (c)

Foamcor Salon Emery Board – 3 1/4″ x 5/8″

We have 3 colors of sandpaper available, each color is also a different grit. The white is a superfine 800 grit, red is a fine 320 grit and gray is a medium 180 grit. It’s your choice which color combination we use. Please choose a color for the front and back sides, also advise which side you want printed. 3 1/4″ L x 5/8″ W

Click here to view their line in DistributorCentral.

Contact them at :

Phone: 952-496-0240
Toll Free: 877-255-3623

Leashables – Supplier Spotlight

Check out Leashables for all your personal care and display promotions! Click here to view their line in DistributorCentral. Or view their website at

Current Promotion:

About Leashables:

“Founded in 1990, OraLabs, Inc. operates out of an FDA registered and audited, 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Parker, Colorado and employs approximately 170 people.  OraLabs is a leading US manufacturer of lip balm products, sun care and hand sanitizer products; as well as breath fresheners.  Leashables, the sister company, sells and manufactures personal care products for the promotional products industry.  Buy from a US supplier that manufactures products that have a proven success record in mass retail markets.

Our in-house Research and Development team allows for successful and profitable turnkey projects.  Our capabilities include but not limited to; product formulation, product filling, blistering and custom displays.  Think outside the typical lip balm stick!  All products, blisters and displays are customizable.”