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New Website Feature – Migrating Websites From Your Main Account To Child Accounts

DistributorCentral has rolled out a new tool in the website editor that lets you easily replace websites in child accounts with content from a website template in your main account.  This is a powerful way to quickly create new websites, using an existing design, for your sales persons within their own child accounts.  The migration tool will automatically publish the child account website, so you do not need to take this step in the child account.

Here is how to migrate a website to a child account:

  1. Log into your DistributorCentral account
  2. Under Websites on the menu bar go to Add/Edit Websites
  3. Click the Edit link next to the website you wish to migrate
  4. On the Website Main Menu, select Website Publisher – the gear with the check mark
  5. Scroll down to the header Migrate Website to Child Accounts
  6. Click on the link and then select “OK” on the confirmation
  7. Here you will see all of your child accounts and their websites
  8. You can select any number of websites in this area.  Each website selected will be replaced by the website you are currently in.  To help you keep track of which website you are in there is a link above to your website that you can use to check. *NOTE* Each child account that is created comes with a standard website that only has the product catalog.  This means that it’s easy to create a few child accounts and using the migrate tool to replace the standard site with the one from the main account.
  9. After selecting the websites, click the button Migrate Websites.
  10. The selected websites will be replaced and published
  11. Wait 15 minutes and take a look at the child account websites.

New Supplier Feature – Embed Code For Virtual Catalogs

For suppliers in DistributorCentral, we have added the embed code for the virtual catalogs.  This is similar to the embed code you would take from YouTube to display on your site.  This is an easy way to place virtual catalogs on your site where the customers can quickly view the virtual catalogs on your own website.

If you have not uploaded a catalog, you may do so by Clicking Here and following the instructions.  To obtain the embed code for a virtual catalog you have uploaded, follow the steps below.

Start by logging into DistributorCentral, on the menu bar, under ProductsUpload PDF/Virtual Catalog.

For each of the catalogs you have uploaded in DistributorCentral, below it you’ll see the embed code.  Copy the code and paste it onto your site.  If you are using a DistributorCentral site you can follow the same instructions for adding the code as the video for embedding YouTube videos Here.

You can now embed this code into your website so the virtual catalog can be on a normal webpage instead of a direct link to an outside page that has the catalog.

Here is what it looks like:

Offer every point of view – of your product, that is!

Multiple colors, different imprint areas, and different product angles. Seeing all these images would be helpful for any customer to see if they are researching a product.

In addition to the original main product image on products in DistributorCentral, now there is an option to add in your additional product images to show up on the details page for Distributors and on websites*.

These additional images will be scroll from left to right and you can click on them to see them as a larger image.


You will automatically start seeing these inside as Suppliers add them to their product lines.

*If you would like them to also show up on your websites through DC, you can enable the CSS shopping cart preference in your DC account for each website.

Update this preference here:

  1. Websites Menu> Add/Edit Websites
  2. Click on “Preferences” to the right of the website that you would like to enable this for
  3. Now click on “Catalog” on the left
  4. Scroll down to the preference titled, “Use original catalog page layout or new layout?”
  5. Select “CSS” and Save
  6. Now you must Publish that website under Website Publisher
If you don’t see your favorite Suppliers additional images, let them know that you would like them added!


You can start adding images manually:

  1. Log into with your username and password
  2. Go to Products Menu> Add/Edit Products
  3. Find and click on Edit next to the product that you have multiple images for
  4. Click on the “Images” tab
  5. Scroll down to “Additional Product Views” to add your files
  6. Once added, Save the changes.

Contact DistributorCentral if you would like to upload those images in bulk. We can walk you through the steps.

Compare Pricing On Products Copied From Suppliers

Attention Fulfillment Account users…

We have added a quick compare page for products that you have added into your Fulfillment Account using the “Add Similar From Supplier Product”  link. This will make it easy for you to compare the pricing of your Fulfillment products to the Supplier’s current pricing in DistributorCentral, where you can then update the price if necessary.

To access this tool, login to your Fulfillment Account, and then go to the Products menu >> Advanced Features >> Compare pricing On Products Copied From Suppliers. See image below. Click here to learn more about our Fulfillment Account feature.

Catalog Design Changes – Website Catalog / CSS manipulation

You might notice a new look when you are doing your product research in DC starting today.

We have updated our catalog and product pages to a more modern layout and design.

This is also coupled with a new feature that would allow advanced website users to customize the look of their DC website catalog pages. This can be enabled with a preference.

1. In your DC account, go to Account Menu> Preferences> Website Preferences

2. Click on “Catalog” on the left

3. Find this preference:

4. Now set the preference to “CSS (Beta)

5. Publish the Site

6. Once you enable the preference, you can upload your CSS and our catalog can be manipulated.

Here is a guide to add your CSS:

More information to come!

New Feature – Drag and Drop Blocks for Websites

Attention DC Website Users – You can now move webpage blocks in the website editor by simply dragging and dropping them into the order that you would like them arranged.

This should make it much easier to move around the content on each of your pages.

This feature is available under Website Editor > Add/Edit Webpages.

Edit the page and then click on a block and drag it to move it around. 


Sign In and View Cart Website Feature

We have added a new website feature that allows you to add a Sign In and View Cart bar to your website. This will allow customers to easily login to your website where they can view products that they have added to their shopping cart as well as access their My Account page (see example below).

Adding this feature to your website is simple, just select the Login & Cart Bar tool from the content dropdown menu when editing your website, which we suggest adding this to either the Header or Footer areas of your site (see example below).
You will need to have the My Account page added to your website, for this feature to work properly. Click here to learn more about the My Account page.

How to Provide Discounts for the Shopping Cart on your Website

DistributorCentral makes it easier than ever for you to apply discounts for your customers through the shopping cart on your website.

You can use our discount feature to setup and offer discounts in a variety of ways, here are just a few:
– Offer percentage discounts if the product or order total is more than a set amount
– Offer flat rate discounts if the product or order total is more than a set amount
– Offer discounts on freight by percentage or a flat rate
– Offer a coupon code that can be entered to receive a percentage or flat rate discount

This feature is incredibly easy to use, just watch the short video below to learn all about this feature and how to apply it to your website.