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Customization Preference- Add Virtual Samples to your websites

Make Virtual Samples available for your customers on your website.

This will allow your customers to see what their logo will look like on any of the products that you offer.
There is a $15 per month, per website charge to utilize this feature. Click here to learn more.
Your customers can click on “Add your Logo” and a window will open (second image below) where they can remove and add logos to this product. They can save this as a PDF as well to print off or email it.
This is what that will look like on your site below:

A window will open like this when they click on “Add Your Logo.”

Remember to Publish your site after you enable this feature!

Customization Preference – Change Prices on your Website / Strike Through Pricing

You can customize the pricing that shows to your customers for products on each of your DistributorCentral websites!

There are a few different options that you can take advantage of when editing the pricing for your websites. There is a $20 charge per website, per month to utilize this feature.

You can mark up the prices with a percentage above Net pricing, mark the pricing down a percentage from Retail pricing, or set the margin for the Retail markup.
This feature could be helpful to those distributors who are creating company stores for their customers or possibly even for those who just want a competitive price on their website for promotional products.
There are many other reasons why you might want to use this new feature to help make your site your own.

Click here to see the instructions to add this feature to your website.

Once you have that preference set up, you can also set up a preference to allow “Strike-through pricing” so your products pricing has a red line through the original cost and have the discounted cost under it. 

Here are the steps to set up “Strike-Through Pricing” – Note: this will only show up after you have enabled the “retail adjustment” preference above. It will also only show up on the details page of each product as it is clicked on.

  1. Go to Websites Menu> Add/Edit Websites
  2. Click on Preferences to the right of your website
  3. Click on “Catalog” to the left
  4. Find the preference titled “Show Strikethrough pricing on product catalog?”
  5. Set that to “Yes”
  6. Save the changes
  7. Publish the website to make those changes live

Customization Preference- Change Product Images

You can customize the images that show to your customers representing products on each of your DistributorCentral website catalogs!

There is a $20 charge per website, per month to utilize this feature.

Maybe you would like to add your customers logo to all the products that are listed on their company store website to help them visualize what the finished product will be. . .
maybe you would just like your own images to represent certain products on your website.

There are many reasons why you might want to use this new feature to help make your site your own.

Click here to see the instructions to add this feature to your website.

How To Create Preferred Supplier Catalogs for Your Website

DistributorCentral makes it easy for you to specify which Supplier’s products that would like to display on your website.

When creating Preferred Supplier Catalogs, you can either select the Suppliers that you would like for their products to display, or you can exclude certain Suppliers whos products that you do not want to display on your site.

Here’s how to do this:
– Go the the Products Menu and select Manage My Catalogs– Select Manage My Catalogs
– Click the Add New Catalog button
– Name your catalog (which can always be changed)
– Change the Catalog Type setting to Preferred Supplier Catalogs
– Check either Include or Exclude Selected Suppliers and choose active and display dates if you like
– Click Save and Add Products
– Select the Suppliers you want to include/exclude. They’re sorted by the first letter of the company name. Click Save after adding Suppliers from each letter group
– Click the Update button, and then click on the Add Catalog to My Website button.

– Here, you can now remove the default All Products Catalog, so that the Preferred Supplier Catalog will be the only catalog on your website
– Click Save
– Go the the Publisher page and the click on Publish New Changes

You can watch a short presentation below for specific instuctions on how to create Preferred Supplier Catalogs.

Easy Website Editing Option Available!

There is a  feature offered that would allow you to edit your website while in “Preview” mode rather than going directly into the website editor.

You can try this by following these steps below:

  1. Log into your DistributorCentral account
  2. Go to Website Menu> Add/Edit Websites
  3. Click on Edit to the Right of your website
  4. Here at the top right you will see a new Preview link. It will say “Edit/Preview



When your Preview window opens, you can hover your mouse over your content and it will turn yellow. If you click on any of that content, the system will open up the website editor to the area where you can make that change.

When you save that change, the editor window will close and the preview will refresh automatically.


Remember to Publish Your Changes.

Watch the short video below to learn how to quickly create your own website.


Add A File Uploader To Your Website

Suppliers and Distributors,

We’ve added a file uploader that you can add to your DistributorCentral website. This will allow your website visitors/customers to upload artwork to you and even assign it to a PO that you have in your DistributorAccount.
Click here to see an example.

To add this feature to your website:
Edit the website page that you would like to have uploader on
– Choose File Uploader from the content drop-down menu
– Indicate the email address that you would like the artwork upload notification sent to (see image below)
– Click Save at the bottom of the page and then publish your website to apply the changes


If you would like a file upload notification on the Home page of your DistributorCentral account that indicates that you’ve have recieved new uploaded files:
– Go to the Account Menu
– Select Preferences and then Account Preferences
– Click on the Orders menu on the left side of the page
– then select Yes for the file upload preference (see image below)


Provide Your Tax and Credit Information to Suppliers.

DistributorCentral has made it available to add your Tax and Credit information to your DC distributor account so that all the suppliers can access that information.

You can quickly get to this area by logging into your account and going to the right side of your Home page under Shortcuts. Click on “Upload Credit and Sales Tax info“.

You should update your State Tax ID numbers here and you can upload a Universal Credit application that suppliers can use to grant you accounts for ordering from them.

Universal Credit Applications

As a Distributor, you can download a Universal Credit Application from your account, fill it out, and upload it for Suppliers to view in DistributorCentral.

This might allow you to spend less time filling out seperate suppliers credit information and more time selling promotional products.
Please remember that all Suppliers do reserve the right to ask for their own application but you may also let them know that you have uploaded a general application to your DistributorCentral Account for them to view. As more Distributors fill this Universal Application out and upload it, more Suppliers will use it.
Below are directions to find this application in your DistributorCentral Account:
1. Log in to DistributorCentral
2. Go to the Account Tab
3. Select Account Maintenance
4. Move to the lower section of this page to “Edit” beside State Sales Tax Numbers

5. At the top of the next screen you will see the UPIC Universal Credit Application available to download
6. Click on the document link “Upic Universal Credit Application

7. You will select to Save it to your computer
8. After it has downloaded, you can open it with Microsoft Word to enter in your information
9. When you are finished, save the document
10. Move back to DistributorCentral and follow directions #1-4 to get back to the page where you found the Credit Application.
11. Now you will Click Browse and find your updated application on your desktop and hit Save directly below.

You have now uploaded your General Credit Application to your DistributorCentral Account!