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Nationwide Promotions Introduces CLIP-ALL™

San Diego, CA, June 4, 2015 – Nationwide Promotions, LLC introduces its patent-pending promotional product, the Clip-All™ — a single solution for holding several items and attaching them while at home and on-the-go! Made of a pliable silicone with three loops and two strong, commercial-grade magnets, the Clip-All™ can be hung in any direction and onto just about anything you can imagine.

Used for both function and fashion, simply fold the Clip-All™ in half in order for its magnets to meet to hold an array of items in place. From keeping glasses close at all times by attaching them to your shirt, to clipping keys, tools, or writing instruments to your backpack, purse straps or belt loops for easier access — the versatility and strength of the Clip-All™ are endless. It can even simply be used as a refrigerator magnet.

Nationwide Promotions, LLC will also customize the Clip-All™ with your company logo, contact information and/or design, and comes in a variety of fashionable colors to make this the perfect promotional gift for your next trade show or event to maximize exposure in your industry.

ABOUT NATIONWIDE PROMOTIONS: Nationwide Promotions, LLC is an A-rated SAGE supplier proudly offering a wide variety of high-quality promotional products to qualified distributors for more than 35 years. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Nationwide Promotions, LLC efficiently processes and ships orders — ensuring that every order meets its high standards for quality control. For more information, visit or call us today at 800-367-2523.

EMT New Product Release: Grip It™ Microfiber

EMT New Product Release: Grip It™ Microfiber

December 3, 2014
9am Eastern Daylight Time

Indianapolis, IN- EMT, the 2014 Distributor’s Choice for Jewelry, Emblems & Patches announced today a new product, “Grip It™, microfiber cloths with silicone grippers and logos; the cloths are also available without grippers.”  Grip It™ will be included in EMT’s Cell Phone Accessories Line.




“The Gripper™ texture makes the cloth easy to grip so it easily glides over the surface of electronic devices and eyewear,” said Kristy Tantillo, Marketing Manager. “Grip It™  offers lint-free, streak-free, cleaning with a non-abrasive design that won’t scratch surfaces, paints or clear coats.”

Product Features:

  • Material is 80% polyester/ 20% polyamide which will not scratch delicate electronics
  • Dye sublimated full color imprint on 310GSM micro fiber
  • Full Bleed imprint on one side included
  • Silicone grippers make cleaning even the dirtiest screens easy
  • Silicone grippers available as dots or logo shapes
  • 6” x 7” standard size; Custom sizes available & QUR
  • Clear PVC pouch packaging
    ·  Fast 2 week production

Item #GD67, 6″ x 7″ with Gripper Dots

Item #GL67, 6″ x 7″ with Gripper Logo

Item #MF67, 6″ x 7″ without grippers (no imprint charge)

About EMT

EMT is a supplier of emblematic and other promotional products. For more information, visit or contact Kristy Tantillo at (317) 803-2400. A copy of EMT’s catalog can be downloaded from the same website, or contact EMT by email or phone for a hard copy. ®

Natural Trends Announces New Lubricant Sprayer

Natural Trends Announces New Lubricant Sprayer

SPRINGVILLE, UT – Natural Trends has partnered exclusively with Real Technologies, LLC to introduce the industry’s only all-purpose lubricant in a non-aerosol sprayer, the PlanetSafe L6 Lubricant Spray. The cutting-edge non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-aerosol lubricant is available today from Natural Trends. Previously available only in retail and industrial markets, this proprietary custom version is co-branded under the PlanetSafe Lubricants brand.
“After literally hundreds of requests, we’re excited to offer an all-purpose lubricant in a sprayer, which can be used in so many ways and places, expanding its promotional appeal,” said Paul Christensen, president of Natural Trends.
The PlanetSafe L6 Lubricant is a bio-synthetic product specially formulated to lubricate, penetrate rusted parts, and clean rust and corrosion from surfaces. It has thousands of uses around the home, yard and shop including use on tools, machinery, equipment and power toys. The product does not contain any toxic substances like many other penetrating oils and lubricants, is low-odor, and is already compliant with the recently enacted low VOC regulations. The lubricant is made in the USA.
The new PlanetSafe L6 Lubricant Sprayer will replace the WD-40 No Mess Pen, which has been discontinued by the WD-40 Company and is no longer available. As the exclusive channel partner for WD-40 products for the promotional products industry, Natural Trends will continue to supply the WD-40 3 oz. Handy Can, including the Ultimate Fix-All Kit and Ultimate Redneck Repair Kit.

Additional product details are available at For more information, please contact Natural Trends at 800-753-9591.

About Natural Trends:
Natural Trends is a Utah-based supplier of innovative and useful everyday products serving the promotional products industry since 1999. Natural Trends is a values driven company with a strong commitment to social responsibility. Our mission is to help other firms succeed through the promotion of their products and services.

ASI: 73497 PPAI: 235352 UPIC: NTrends

Maple Ridge Farms Has Handle On Recipe For Success

Maple Ridge Farms

Wisconsin winters tend to be a bit chilly. That’s just fine at Maple Ridge Farms, where the company’s sizzling hot sales season is a beneficiary of the onset of cold weather.

The reason is obvious. Maple Ridge Farms specializes in corporate food gift programs, with temperature-sensitive chocolates, cheese and smoked meats at the top of the best-seller list. When 80 percent of the company’s annual orders are shipped after Thanksgiving, it helps that Mother Nature has the thermostat turned down.

While Maple Ridge Farms keeps an eye on temperature control, credit the company’s founder and president, Tom Riordan, for sticking with a 30-year-old recipe that has resulted in the company becoming one of the nation’s premier suppliers of creatively packaged foods. Start with a variety of delicious gourmet foods, wrap them in unique and memorable packaging and finish things off with a heaping helping of over-the-top customer service with a satisfaction-guaranteed guarantee.

Oh, yes. Let’s not overlook who’s doing the serving. Riordan unequivocally relies on the promotional products industry to drive sales.

“I went door to door for a couple years, but you can only call on so many people yourself,” Riordan said. “I became aware of what was then known as the ad specialty industry in 1981. It proved a wonderful fit. Distributors are tremendously important to us because that’s the only way we sell our product.”

That said, it’s from the distributors’ perspective that Maple Ridge Farms performs. The product has to be both memorable and of high quality in order for distributors to make the sale and then keep the business. The company places much emphasis on getting real and virtual samples to distributors.

“We believe it’s important for distributors to let their clients taste the quality of the food,” Riordan said. “It generates enthusiasm on the part of the client and makes it easier to make the sale. There are lots of pretty pictures of food on the internet and in catalogs, but the only way to be sure of the quality is to taste it”

Per Riordan, the majority of Maple Ridge’s competition doesn’t come from within the industry, but rather from big retailers of national or international scope.

“We have to create more attractive packaging and provide a higher quality food to help distributors compete with the food gift giants.”

Both the packaging and the food as sold by Maple Ridge Farms are created specifically for the company by an assortment of high-end vendors.

“There is no single food manufacturer who can produce everything really well,” Riordan said. “So we search out vendors who do a really good job at making a particular food item, Cocoa Dusted Truffles for example, and purchase that that product from them. We have dozens of vendors who produce gourmet food products and specialty packaging items specifically for us. We put it all together as gourmet gifts.”

The “we” Riordan refers to is a well-tenured team that numbers 25 in the summer and then balloons to over 300 between August and December. Most the seasonal workers come back year after year, according to Riordan, so training requirements are minimal and there’s an ingrained understanding that the level of customer service must match the quality of the food gifts.

Maple Ridge Farms is housed in an 85,000-square-foot facility in the heart of cheese country. A four-story warehouse is fully racked for significant merchandise capacity and a 15,000-cubic-foot cooler/freezer keeps product fresh regardless of what’s happening with Wisconsin weather. Seems the only space problem at Maple Ridge Farms is the parking lot during the company’s busy season.

“When we start getting busy, it can be hard to find a place to park if you don’t get here early,” Riordan said.

Waldor Line Releases Ten New Products / Mid-Year Supplement

The Waldor Line has released a Mid-Year Supplement that features ten new products.

New products include various styles of tote, utility, shopping and cosmetic bags along with a luggage grip, electronics/ eyeglasses pouch and a travel kit.

Click here to view their 2014 Mid-Year Supplement Catalog. All ten new items are available to view on DistributorCentral.

Waldor Mid-Year Supplement

Take a Summer Selfie with An EMT Product for a Chance to Win an iPAD Mini

Attention Promotional Product Distributors:
Take a Summer Selfie with An EMT Product for a Chance to Win an iPAD Mini
Simply email your selfie (all entries my contain an EMT Product) to or like EMT’s Facebook Page, and post it there

May 5, 2014
9:00am Eastern Daylight Time

Indianapolis, IN- It’s time that we accept that selfies just aren’t going away. EMT, the 2014 Distributor’s Choice for Jewelry, Emblems & Patches announced a selfie contest that will result in one participant walking away with an iPAD mini.
“This contest was inspired by an onslaught of selfies by Art Director, Orlando Burgos,” said Kristy Tantillo, Marketing Manager. “A few times, we all got to laughing about it so much that we thought our distributor partners might enjoy participating.”
Please see contest guidelines below:
1) Please send your selfie (it has to contain an EMT product) to or you can also post it on
2) We will be posting the images throughout the duration of the contest and will announce the winner on Friday, August 1, 2014

About EMT

EMT is a supplier of emblematic and other promotional products. For more information, visit or contact Kristy Tantillo at (317) 803-2400. A copy of EMT’s catalog can be downloaded from the same website, or contact EMT by email or phone for a hard copy.

Exciting New Product from Hub Pen Company


The #335 MAXGLIDE STICK PEN features a NEW formula of hybrid ink.

Enjoy effortless writing with a gel experience and ballpoint pen consistency.  Solid construction, durability, increased write-out, no blobbing or smearing at an extremely affordable price make the NEW MAXGLIDE STICK a unique writing instrument.

Available in 8 contemporary color choices with black or blue ink (default is blue ink).

Midnight Black, Apple Red, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Rose Pink, Lime Green, Citrus Orange, Sky Blue

Available September 2012