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Try the Google Product Export Feature to Help Boost Your Sales! (Available to PRO Distributors)

DistributorCentral gives its distributors the chance to boost their sales with the Google Product Export Feature. This feature exports the products from DC, into a format that you can add to your Google Webmaster account making those products available in the Shopping section of Google.

Once Google has received and approved your products they will become part of the search results when people use Google’s Product Search Tool. When visitors click on products in Google’s Product Search Results they will be directed to your website where they can purchase those products.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Shopping, view the Beginner’s Guide: About Merchant Center.

To enable this feature do the following:

1. While logged into your DC Pro account, go to Account>Preferences>Account Preferences




2. In the Account Preferences, select “Catalog” in the left box.





3. Once you have “Catalog” selected, on the right side of your screen you will see a few options. The last choice is “Access the Google Product feed generator”, here you can select “Yes”, to activate this feature.




4. Now that the Feed is active you can find the Export under Products>Google Product Feed Generator.




There are several fields available for you to customize on this page that will allow you to create feeds for specific catalogs or for the main “All Products” catalog on your website. At its very basic level you would simply enter your website domain name, choose the “All Products” catalog and leave all the other options set to their default values.

If you wish to customize the feed (e.g., you use the discount module on your site and you need to add a discount to the prices included in your Google feed so the match what users will see on your website) follow the instructions for each field on the page.

By default – Google wants the “total minimum price” of a product in your feed. That is, they want the total price (qty * price) plus any setup charge as the value in the “Price” column in your data feed. You may opt to use the minimum per-piece price, or download two columns of pricing for your own calculation purposes, but you will need to remove one column of pricing and ensure that the remaining price column is named “price” prior to uploading the data to Google.

Since shipping is typically dynamic by product, qty, and delivery location – and Google only allows a single value – most users opt to put a basic flat shipping fee in this field. Be sure to also include the state and tax rate if you collect tax from your in-state customers.

Once you submit the form the system will generate the feed (a tab-delimited .txt file) and you will be able to upload the data to your Google Webmaster account.


How To Create Preferred Supplier Catalogs for Your Website

DistributorCentral makes it easy for you to specify which Supplier’s products that would like to display on your website.

When creating Preferred Supplier Catalogs, you can either select the Suppliers that you would like for their products to display, or you can exclude certain Suppliers whos products that you do not want to display on your site.

Here’s how to do this:
- Go the the Products Menu and select Manage My Catalogs- Select Manage My Catalogs
- Click the Add New Catalog button
- Name your catalog (which can always be changed)
- Change the Catalog Type setting to Preferred Supplier Catalogs
- Check either Include or Exclude Selected Suppliers and choose active and display dates if you like
- Click Save and Add Products
- Select the Suppliers you want to include/exclude. They’re sorted by the first letter of the company name. Click Save after adding Suppliers from each letter group
- Click the Update button, and then click on the Add Catalog to My Website button.

- Here, you can now remove the default All Products Catalog, so that the Preferred Supplier Catalog will be the only catalog on your website
- Click Save
- Go the the Publisher page and the click on Publish New Changes

You can watch a short presentation below for specific instuctions on how to create Preferred Supplier Catalogs.

Suppliers- Do you have a Virtual Catalog?

Did you know that you can create a virtual catalog on DC as a Supplier?

You can upload your catalogs directly to your account under Products Menu> Upload PDF/Virtual catalogs.

The requirements for a PDF catalog are:

1. File must be a PDF

2. File must be smaller than 100 mb in size for Virtual Catalog use

(Please note that for DC to index your catalog for product searches, you will need to upload a file smaller than 30 mb. Most Suppliers are uploading the complete catalog for Virtual catalog purposes and then also separating their catalog into sections to be indexed in product searches and uploading them as separate files in this same area)

3. File should also be about 72 dpi resolution

Follow these steps to upload and get a link to your catalog that you uploaded:

1. Login to your DC account at

2. Go to Products Menu> Upload PDF/Virtual Catalogs

3. Click on Add New Virtual Catalog on the right

4. Enter in the Name that you would like to display for the catalog, a start and end date if needed, and click Browse.

5. Find the file on your computer and click Upload. It could take some time to upload depending on file size.

6. Then click on Save.

7. Now you will see that the file is listed on the PDF/Virtual Catalogs page. Under the catalog, click on Direct Link. This will generate the link that you would use to add the virtual catalog to your website. Copy the link in the address bar.


Now Available- More Product Information

We have added a new feature that will allow Distributors to do a keyword search in their DistributorCentral account and receive results not only from our product database but they can also receive results for matching Supplier PDF catalogs and Supplier email flyers!

To try this, just do a keyword search in your account. For example, try “magnet.”  You will see 2 new tabs above your product search results, SupplierCatalog and SupplierEmail. 

SupplierCatalogs and SupplierEmails

If you click on either of those tabs, you will see any Supplier Catalogs or Emails that match your search criteria. You can browse through their catalogs page by page or view all their advertised specials in one area.

This would allow you to access even more resources to research products than we could provide you as a distributor before.

Each Supplier has access to upload their PDF catalogs and flyers, so feel free to ask your favorite Suppliers to do so if you don’t see them currently there!


You can submit your Email flyers by adding to your email lists or just forward any of your recent email flyers to that address.

You can upload your catalogs by following the below instructions:

  1. Log  into your account at
  2. Go to Products Menu and down to Upload PDF Catalogs
  3. Browse your computer and select the PDF catalog that you would like to upload
  4. Name the catalog
  5. Then select Save to upload the file ( it could take a few minutes depending on the file size)


Your catalogs must be less than 30 MB file size for upload, so you may need to split it up.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Attention Suppliers / Important Info Regarding Your PDF Catalogs

Suppliers, you can now upload your PDF catalogs so that they display when Distributors conduct keyword searches in DistributorCentral.


Here’s how to upload your PDF catalogs in your DC account
- Go to the Products Menu and select Upload PDF Catalogs
- Click on the Add New Catalog link
- Indicate your Catalog Name, Display Start and End Dates, then browse your computer to select the file to upload (see image below)

Upload Catalog

Important Info In Regards To Uploading Your PDF Catalogs
• The maximum file size that you can upload is 30MB. If your catalog is larger than 30MB, you’ll need to separate it into several parts and upload them individually.

Be sure that you do not convert the text in your PDF catalog to outlines. If you do this, the keywords for your catalog will not be able to be indexed when searched for in DistributorCentral.

Design Websites For Specific Customers

Website Tip!
Your DC account allows you to create as many websites as you like and we’ll host your domain names as well, FREE of charge! Take advantage of this valuable feature by creating target or niche sites in your DistributorCentral account.

Take a look at this site,
it’s an example of a niche website with only mugs and tumblers on it. This allows visitors who only want drinkware, the convenience of not having to filter though 1000’s of other products. So if you specialize in a specific area in the promotional products industry, whether it’s mugs, magnets, pens, bags, edibles, etc., create a website for it in your DistributorCentral account!

Here’s how to do this:
  • First create a Custom Catalog with just the specific products you want to display on your website. Click on the link below to watch a short video below that explains how to create custom catalogs.


  • Second, design a website in the web editor area of your account to target the specific products. To learn how to create a website, click on the Need Help button at the top of the page in your account, and watch some our website video tutorials.
  • Third, remove the All Products catalog that comes standard with your website, and replace it with the Custom Catalog you created
  • Fourth, map your domain name if you’ve purchased one, otherwise, just publish your site and you’re finished

Larger Images and Text on Search Results

We now have a preference for you to increase the size of the images and text on product search results, both on your websites and inside DC.
Websites: go to Account > Preferences > Website Preferences, click the Website Preferences link, and change Catalog > Product search results size to “Large”. (Don’t forget to publish your website after you make the change.)
Inside DC: go to Account > Preferences > User Preferences and change Catalog > Product search results size to “Large”.
Small (current layout):

New Feature: Product / Catalog Link Generator

A link generator tool has been added to the catalog/websites area of DistributorCentral to allow you to quickly create a collection of products that can be added as a link to your website or sent via email to your customer.

When using the internal search engine within DistributorCentral look for the “Generate / Send Link to Products” feature.

With just a few pieces of information you can quickly create a link to a custom set of products, whether based on a particular keyword search, a selection of products from your favorite suppliers, or particular theme catalog that you have created, you can add your new link to your website or instantly email it to a client.

Once your link is created you can preview the link and see exactly what your customer will see.

Log into your DistributorCentral account and check out this powerful new feature. For assistance in using the link generator see the help file available from the link generation tool.