Q & A with Bill Petrie

Founder & CEO of brandivate

What’s in your work bag?  Whether it’s a backpack, satchel, or messenger bag, most of us in the promotional product industry are heavily geared up, mainly because we acquire a variety of samples and tech gadgets from not only our own companies we work, but from industry events.

As I sat down for lunch with Bill Petrie from brandivate to discuss this month’s CentralZone article topic, he started unpacking all of his gear, so I asked him to show me what’s in his bag.

What items do you always carry in your backpack?

My Leed’s elleven brandivate backpack always has the following items when I travel. I can’t go anywhere without my earbuds (Leed’s), a microfiber cleaning cloth (Toddy Cloth), a USB holder that I received at last year’s LDW conference, an assortment of pens (Prime/Jetline), 4-in-One charging buddy (HIT) from skucon, and lastly a brandivate cap to leave with a client (Vitronic).

What is the newest promo item you received that you can’t live without?

I am a self-professed serial charger, so I absolutely cannot live without my Juicebox external battery pack by OrigAudio.  I get very nervous when my devices get below 50% battery life. Back in the day my travel revolved around making sure all of my devices were fully charged. When I travel now, I am more relaxed knowing that my devices are fully charged by the time I land.

What is a typical day like at brandivate headquarters?

A typical day in my home office consists of conference calls, content writing and working on client deliverables.  And every Friday I have the pleasure of recording a podcast episode of Unscripted with Kirby Hasseman.