How Wine on Tap is changing the Beverage Marketing Industry

Guest Blog Article by: Marissa Sutter, Motto Inc.
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Walking into any bar, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a line of tap handles displaying what beers are on tap. What if customers could walk into a bar and see a line of handles displaying the various wines on tap? Thanks to the latest trends in the beverage industry, wine on tap is becoming a common staple in bars across the country. Kegged wine is changing the beverage marketing industry due to how wine is being tapped, why companies are tapping wine and what is being done to market this innovation.


Tapping wine is done mechanically, virtually the same as for beer. A keg containing the wine of choice is hooked up to a keg-and-tap system, where gas, usually Nitrogen, is used to push the liquor through under low pressure.

Why Companies Tap Wine-

Speed & Cost:

  • No time spent corking, restocking shelves or recycling bottles.
  • When used for special events, wine on tap has been estimated to save employees over an hour of time that is usually spent transporting and organizing bottles on event premises.
  • Kegged wine doesn’t oxidize or spoil easily, which can reduce waste costs of wine that is normally thrown away.

Green Value:

  • 96% reduction in a company’s carbon footprint over 20 years when using tapped wine compared to wine poured out of bottles.
  • Each steel keg saves 2,340lbs of trash from the landfill over its’ lifetime, giving tapped wine an eco-friendly appeal.

Marketing Tapped Wine with Tap Handles- Anglia Ruskin at University in Cambridge, England, conducted a study tracking the eye movement of goggle-wearing pub-goers and their reactions to tap handles.

  • Participant’s eyes were drawn to tap handles before any other piece of marketing.
  • 95% of participants picked brightly colored tap handles attached to guest taps, over the bar’s own best-selling brand.
  • The study was able to verify that drinkers will make an “appearance-only” decision when faced with a slew of unknown choices.

Custom Tap Handles- Many bars and restaurants are doing more than just selling wine from a keg; they are marketing with custom tap handles.

  • Custom tap handles allow for bars/restaurants to market variations like:
    • Seasonal Flavors
    • Special Events
    • Frequent Changes to On-Tap Menus
    • Customization on Multiple Tappers
  • Companies are able to design handles to fit their brand by choosing from stock shapes or customizing a shape all their own.
  • Digitally printing on tap handles allow for recreations of full bottle images.

Custom tap handles have become a popular marketing strategy for new beverage products, especially when introducing wine on tap within a bar or restaurant. Tapping and marking wine in a keg could provide more payback to companies than just the monetary and ecological benefits that kegged wine already provides to the changing beverage industry.

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