Take a Summer Selfie with An EMT Product for a Chance to Win an iPAD Mini

Attention Promotional Product Distributors:
Take a Summer Selfie with An EMT Product for a Chance to Win an iPAD Mini
Simply email your selfie (all entries my contain an EMT Product) to marketing@emteasy.com or like EMT’s Facebook Page, and post it there

May 5, 2014
9:00am Eastern Daylight Time

Indianapolis, IN- It’s time that we accept that selfies just aren’t going away. EMT, the 2014 Distributor’s Choice for Jewelry, Emblems & Patches announced a selfie contest that will result in one participant walking away with an iPAD mini.
“This contest was inspired by an onslaught of selfies by Art Director, Orlando Burgos,” said Kristy Tantillo, Marketing Manager. “A few times, we all got to laughing about it so much that we thought our distributor partners might enjoy participating.”
Please see contest guidelines below:
1) Please send your selfie (it has to contain an EMT product) to marketing@emteasy.com or you can also post it on www.facebook.com/emteasy
2) We will be posting the images throughout the duration of the contest and will announce the winner on Friday, August 1, 2014

About EMT

EMT is a supplier of emblematic and other promotional products. For more information, visit www.emteasy.com or contact Kristy Tantillo at (317) 803-2400. A copy of EMT’s catalog can be downloaded from the same website, or contact EMT by email or phone for a hard copy.