Try the Google Product Export Feature to Help Boost Your Sales! (Available to PRO Distributors)

DistributorCentral gives its distributors the chance to boost their sales with the Google Product Export Feature. This feature exports the products from DC, into a format that you can add to your Google Webmaster account making those products available in the Shopping section of Google.

Once Google has received and approved your products they will become part of the search results when people use Google’s Product Search Tool. When visitors click on products in Google’s Product Search Results they will be directed to your website where they can purchase those products.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Shopping, view the Beginner’s Guide: About Merchant Center.

To enable this feature do the following:

1. While logged into your DC Pro account, go to Account>Preferences>Account Preferences




2. In the Account Preferences, select “Catalog” in the left box.





3. Once you have “Catalog” selected, on the right side of your screen you will see a few options. The last choice is “Access the Google Product feed generator”, here you can select “Yes”, to activate this feature.




4. Now that the Feed is active you can find the Export under Products>Google Product Feed Generator.




There are several fields available for you to customize on this page that will allow you to create feeds for specific catalogs or for the main “All Products” catalog on your website. At its very basic level you would simply enter your website domain name, choose the “All Products” catalog and leave all the other options set to their default values.

If you wish to customize the feed (e.g., you use the discount module on your site and you need to add a discount to the prices included in your Google feed so the match what users will see on your website) follow the instructions for each field on the page.

By default – Google wants the “total minimum price” of a product in your feed. That is, they want the total price (qty * price) plus any setup charge as the value in the “Price” column in your data feed. You may opt to use the minimum per-piece price, or download two columns of pricing for your own calculation purposes, but you will need to remove one column of pricing and ensure that the remaining price column is named “price” prior to uploading the data to Google.

Since shipping is typically dynamic by product, qty, and delivery location – and Google only allows a single value – most users opt to put a basic flat shipping fee in this field. Be sure to also include the state and tax rate if you collect tax from your in-state customers.

Once you submit the form the system will generate the feed (a tab-delimited .txt file) and you will be able to upload the data to your Google Webmaster account.