Suppliers – Control your own Data on DC with spreadsheet exports and uploads.

Did you know that you can export and upload your DC spreadsheet and /or images for importing back into your Product Database from your own DC account? Then you can track that update and you will be notified upon the completion of the product update.

Export your data: You can export your Product, Option and Choice data from your DC products. Most Suppliers only need to export their Products data though for pricing update purposes.

Go to Products Tab > Product Data Export > Excel Data Export

Once you click on Export, you will have the opportunity to export certain fields and criteria. Then “Submit” the file and you will receive an email with a link to download it for editing.






Upload your File: After you have edited your file and saved your changes, you can then upload it again for importing.

You can upload it under Shortcuts on the right side of the home page.

Once the file is uploaded, you can then track the upload and you will receive an email when we complete it.

Image Upload Requirements and Instructions:

Here are the steps / requirements to upload your product images to DistributorCentral to add to your product data:
1. Log into your account. (If you have not received your login, ask your representative for that information)

2. Click on the link below

3. You will see a “Support Tracking” form. Use the images below to add in the information needed.
a. Enter “Your Email”
b. Under “Update Type” select Images
c. Under “Please Update” select Images and deselect all others
d. Upload your ZIPPED file of images by clicking on “Choose File” button.
e. Select “Upload” button and wait for the file to completely upload
f. When done uploading “Save”

Image Requirements as follows:
Image Size:  Minimum- 500 x 500 dpi – Maximum 750 x 750 dpi
Resolution:  72 dpi for online viewing
Mode:  RGB Mode for online viewing
File: must be a jpeg file and must be named according to the item # in DC to be associated correctly.

NOTE:DC system will downsize your large images for the Medium and thumbnail size automatically

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