Improved eVirtual sampling tool added to DC’s suite of services

Virtual sampling just got simpler thanks to CustomView. Best of all, the improved eVirtual  sampling tool as recently released by CustomView has already been integrated into Distributor Central.

eVirtual enables your customers to personalize product samples for viewing and sharing. It is very simple to integrate into an existing web catalog or shopping cart.

Expect to be impressed by the new interface… maybe even have some fun with it. The eVirtual sampling tool is a breeze to use and is amazingly intuitive. The user can easily make corrections to custom images and logos using wrap, skew and eraser functionality. Being browser independent, eVirtual can be used in multiple devices.

As noted, this new virtual sampling tool is up and running on DistsributorCentral. Distributor Pro members get the virtual sample tool on one website at no charge. Virtual sampling can also be added a la carte for a small monthly fee.

You’ll want to check it out. To take a tour of the eVirtual tool, go to It’s yet another reason DistributorCentral stands apart as the industry’ premier eCommerce sales engine!