Supplier Quote / Presentation tools

The ability to quickly get product information to Distributors has become very important to Suppliers in today’s world of instant gratification.

We have noticed as we work with Suppliers that most are still using some antiquated methods of getting Distributors product information.

If a Distributor calls your Customer Service, how do you get them a quote or information about a product quickly? Is there a lot of background work involved in gathering information about each product?

DistributorCentral offers a feature that we call “Quick Quote” to all of our Supplier members. This will allow your customer service department to create a professional and informative quote or presentation to send to a Distributor via email while still on the phone call with the Distributor.

With this tool, you can adjust pricing, add freight costs, change the product image, and customize it with your logo. You can also attach the quote or presentation to the Distributors account in DC.  After you send the quote you will be able to find it again and again in your account as needed. 

What is great about this feature is that your product data is already there and available in the DC system. There is no additional work needed. You could take advantage of this today!



How to do a quick quote:

  • Log into DC
  • Go to the right of the home page and down to “Quick Quote”
  • Enter the product number you want to quote
  • Enter the qty
  • Add the product to the quote and hit “Create Quote”
  • Then you can make any changes and “Finish” the quote
  • Then at the top you will see an “email this quote” button to send it as a pdf

How to create new users for your customer service:

  • Sign in to your account at
  • Go to the Account menu in your account
  • Select the Users menu then User Maintenance
  • Click the Add New User link, and then fill out the information for the User
  • Click on the Create button
  • Then click on the Add To User Group tab to specify the User Group(s) you would like to assign to them
Click on the link below to watch a short presentation on how to add new Users in your account.
Check it out and let us know if you need any assistance!