Make Sure Your Customer Nose About Scented Promotions

Here is a clever promotional product brought to you by this blog  Do you have a customer that deals in food or has sweet sents that you might consider unique?  The example provided gives great in-site into how we use our sense of smell to recognize some of the events in our lives, like fairs and state fairs.

Picture it now: the smell of the outdoors mixed with various foods from cotton candy, to corn dogs, and my all time favorite – funnel cake.  If I were to smell funnel cake today, a flood of memories about fairs and carnivals would come back to me, which makes quite effective marketing.  For the full story click here.

Another great idea that goes along with a sented Banner/promotional product is a corresponding message on it to a pintrest post relating to that sent.  In the example above, why not put a QR code or weblink to a pintrest post on making funnel cake like the below?